Jun 15, 2011

Man on a Mission

Last Monday I began a new quest.

Next month, on July 9th my nephew Naythan is getting baptized and they are having a pool party (no relation to the actual baptism) afterwards. Now I am not much of a swimmer but for some reason I am looking forward to dipping my feet and play in the pool.

So I have a little under a month to complete a new goal. So what is this new goal?

My new goal is for my head to look completely out of place on my body.

One of my goals this year is to run a 5K race and that is not looking so good. I tweaked/twisted my knee a few weeks ago (I think I did it when I knocked myself out... ...that is for another blog) and I cannot run on it without it starting to swell. I played racquetball on it last Saturday and I really had some problems. So my training for the 5K hasn't really started. I have been riding my bike to my dad's for work (a little over 8 miles round trip) so I am not without exercise but I feel like I am missing out.

So I have decided that I am going to work out on my Total Gym every other day and ride my bike on the other days (except for Sundays) until July 9th. We'll see how much of a difference a months time will make.


  1. I admire your determination and ambition and know that you will succeed!

  2. Looking forward to your Blog Post on "how it went" ... I've just committed to a 5K race in mid-August so I need to start running now to be ready. Sigh ... getting older sucks sometimes! :)