Dec 31, 2010

Return of the Slacker!

It has been 3 days since I last blogged.


I have a ton of excuses and I have a ton of justifications (which you will hear later on in this blog) but it all comes down to one thing. I am a slacker. And when I slack, I slack big time!

But it has been a couple of busy days. Tuesday we went to my dad's to learn how to make some Greek food; most importantly how to make Greek Baklava. Baklava is a Greek pastry and it is wonderful. It is full of nuts and honey and butter and light filo pastry. Most of the times when you find it in stores or at restaurants, the Baklava is dry. My dad (and the rest of the Platis Clan) like it wet, dripping with butter and honey.

We were supposed to meet at my dad's house at 9:00 in the morning and we were running just a little late. My dad had asked if we stopped by the store to get some juice. We all went to the store and has I was walking back to the car I had this sinking ill feeling. I couldn't feel my keys. I searched all over and I didn't have them with me. Kristy found them. They were in the car, still in the ignition.

I cannot remember the last time I did this. We don't have a cell phone and we couldn't remember my dad's or sister's phone number. So we walked the rest of the way to my dad's home. Which took us an extra 30-45 minutes. It was a lot longer than I thought it was. But we finally arrived and my sister took me back to our apartment and we got my spare set of keys. UGH! But the day got better as we had breakfast and made some excellent Baklava. Towards the end I could feel my chest tightening up and I could feel an asthma attack coming on. We came home and I took some medication and went to bed.

The next day I was feeling a little better and we headed over to my dad's once again for a Christmas party. We ate a ton of pizza and a ton of treats and I found a new obsession. ROCK BAND!

I have never played any of the Guitar Hero type of games but Nathan and Jillian invited me to join the band so I became the drummer. And I am addicted. We got my sister to come downstairs and sing some songs and that broke the ice and we all took turns singing. I gotta get Beatles Rock Band now!

But as the evening progressed, I could feel my chest tightening up again. I think there was something at my dad's that I was having an allergic reaction to that was setting off my asthma. We came home through a huge snowstorm and made it home. And I watched some TV (SCTV Classics) and went to bed.

The next day (the 30th) was my wedding anniversary. 13 YEARS!



  1. Glad to read your post... I'd say you have some very good reasons for slacking and I have to say, you are doing the best from what I can tell with keeping up on blogging. I am always happy to read your blog!! :) Hope you are doing okay with your asthma!

  2. Sorry to hear about your asthma attacks and I hope you are 100% better now. Anyway, I loved your reference to SCTV and that clip from it with Catherine O'Hara (I love that skit with her in the Ingmar Bergman movie spoof! Hilarious!)