Feb 4, 2011

Quick Pic

For those that don't know, I have been working with my dad for the last two years or so. I have been extremely blessed that I have this cool and fun opportunity to get to know my dad more.

And best of all, I can post these pics that I find and he doesn't read my blog regularly so I can get away with posting this one!

The other day I was at work and my dad told me that he found a couple of sets of old slides. I went through them and found a lot of photos that I don't even remember having. There are some pictures of my grandparents (Papoo and Yaya) when we went to Jasper/Banff National Park. There are some pictures of us and my mom's side of the family when we would come down from Canada to Utah to visit.

We looked up a few places and found some that can digitally transfer the slides to a DVD. But with just the amount of slides that my dad has it would cost around $70 to do it. My mom also has a ton of slides at her house so we are looking at probably another couple of hundred of dollars. In surfing online, I found a scanner that can do all of that and is only around a hundred bucks. I would have to do it all myself and it would be a lot of work but I thought how that would be a good Sunday afternoon project. Hopefully I will have this new scanner at my house soon and I can share what I have found.

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