Feb 28, 2011

Random Ramblings: Bob the Badger

Kristy has unfortunately been quite sick the last couple of days (she has Strep Throat) so my sleeping schedule has been a little off as well. Now I am not complaining, I would rather have a strange sleep schedule over having a Hulk-sized throat. I usually wake up when she does during the night and that has led to me remember some strange dreams.

Enter Bob the Badger.

I dreamt that my dad and I were at my sister's house and for some reason she had a vicious pet badger named Bob that stayed in the back yard. My dad and I were teasing this poor badger, banging on the window and yelling at it and it was certainly mad. It was trying its best to claw and chew through the glass and my dad and I just mocked it. And then we realized that we left the back door open. We ran to the back door and the badger was opening the door and pushing itself in. My dad shut the door on Bob and it was still trying to claw its way in. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed some spaghetti tongs and used them to shut the badger's mouth closed. We barely survived!

So where the crap did that come from? Does the badger symbolize something? Do I really want to know? And how the heck did I know that his name was Bob the Badger?


  1. A quick search on Badger dream meanings resulted in: "A Badger in your dream signifies your persistence and final victory over your opponents. The dream may also be a pun on how you are badgering others or vice verse. Perhaps someone, especially someone of power is bothering you and giving you a difficult time." But there was no information on Spaghetti tongs... :P

  2. Too funny. I usually think dreams are worthless to share (mostly because mine are so stupid and have no plotline, etc.) but this one was DEFINITELY worth sharing! I have no answers for you, but I loved reading about it and picturing you and your dad in a life-and-death struggle at the back door with an angry badger! Ha ha! :)

  3. What a fascinating dream? I took a dream analysis class in college and even with that knowledge I couldn't even begin to interpret this dream! But thanks for sharing it anyway! P.S. Bob the Badger sounds better than, say, Bill or Bartholomew!