Feb 23, 2011

Junior Jazz

It's funny. I didn't think that Logan would like basketball as much as he did soccer but he definitely likes playing basketball more.

So why is that funny?

Well, I thought his soccer coach was heads and tails better than his current lazy basketball coach. His coach last year taught him a lot and talked with him and us many, many times. But Logan just didn't get into soccer as much as he has gotten into basketball. But Logan's basketball coach (and I am really biting my tongue here) as probably said no more than three words to Logan and less to us. He doesn't seem very excited to coach and to be with the kids. If I had known that, Kristy and I would have coached. I don't want to seem cocky or toot my own horn (but I am) the kids would have learned much, much more with us coaching. We would at least would like to be with the kids and to share their enthusiasm.

But enough of me bootching and moaning about our current crappy coach. At least Logan is having fun and he does seem to improve all on his own.

One of the more annoying aspects of Logan and his "skills" is that he plays basketball on the floor.

Logan also likes to incorporate ballet when he plays.

At least Logan wants the ball.

He is a pretty good rebounder... ...when he wants to be.

Logan walked up the court after he scored like he has done it thousands of times before. What a showboat! ;)

I love pictures like this. Only a few kids are interested that Logan has the ball.

This shot does go in. He certainly has quite the arc.

We have noticed that Logan has a kick to him when he shoots.

Logan does enjoy basketball and I am sure he will play next year. Hopefully Kristy and I will have a better time next year than we did this year.

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  1. Two thoughts here:
    First, we stopped having the kids in sports specifically because the coaches didn't seem to care. I am grateful for them volunteering, but you volunteered as a "coach" not a "babysitter." Act the part!
    Second, of course he loves basketball better ... it is, after all, the BEST SPORT EVER !!!!

    Awesome picks cuz! :)