Feb 12, 2011

What is your Bid?

Last night was the annual Young Men/Young Women Dinner and silent auction. This is a fun activity for the ward (church) that I am in. The youth make and serve a delicious dinner in a nicely decorated gym for the adults and they also provide dinner and babysitting too. At the dinner is a silent auction where the youth auction off services or baked goods.

Last year I assisted at what is called the Money Table since Kristy was helping the youth in the kitchen. I collected the money that is made off the auctions and all the donations that are made for the dinner. I volunteered to do the same job this time around as well since I was already familiar with how to do it and more importantly, I was dateless. Kristy is the Young Women President so she was basically in charge of the whole thing so she was way busy in making sure everything was running well.

I really don't mind working at the Money Table. I get to talk with a lot of people and I don't mind not being part of the main festivities. I get to people watch (one of my favorite things to do) and I get to be around some fun people who also work at the Money Table. But what impresses me the most is the generosity of my neighbors. We do not live in a well-to-do neighborhood, we don't live on a hill with very influential people. But I live among some of the most generous people I have ever met.

Kristy and I were talking about this today and I think we came to a conclusion. I think the reason that this event is so successful is because of the youth and who they are.

The other day I was walking home with Logan from school when I ran into two of the Young Women, Rossy and Taylor. They stopped me (by yelling out Dr. Pepper; my nickname)  and we spoke for a little bit. I asked teased them that one of their assignments for the silent auction was to supply me with Dr. Pepper since I would be at the table the whole night and needed it. Later that evening they dropped by our house to deliver some brownies they had made for the silent auction and they told me that they would definitely get me a Dr. Pepper. I thought it was cute that they wanted to do that for me.

I didn't think about it again until I was sitting at the table and the girls came over and delivered a nice cold Dr. Pepper. I was really thankful for it because I really needed the pick-me-up but I was more touched that they would do that for me. I know a lot of people were jealous that I had a Dr. Pepper!

This is the EXACT reason why this fundraiser works. The youth here are so great. They work hard and they don't complain. They serve with a smile. I want to be around these kids because of who they are. They are great examples for my family and I. It works both ways, the more I am around them, the more I want to serve them. And the more I serve them, the more they want to serve me. I just love these kids and especially the Young Women. I want to be a good example for them since they are a good example to me.

Okay, I am getting close to crossing over the Cheesy Border

I won quite a few things at the silent auction. I won some cheap babysitting from Kara and Brandon. I won an Indian dinner from the Singh Family (I got beat out last year with this one) and I cannot wait to finally eat some authentic Indian food. Mmmmmm.... ....curry and roti! Kristy also bid and won some homemade jewelry. I also purchased an art print from one of the girls.

I don't want to share how much I paid for this Indian dinner. But I am sure it will be worth every penny!

Logan was excited for the silent auction as well. Right before we left he ran upstairs and got some of his own money so he could buy a pie or cookies. I told him I would bid for him and after it was done he was so happy that I scored him some tasty cookies baked by Taylor.

If you ever go to a silent auction like this, make sure you use your kid. No one will want to outbid a child! Although I did have some stiff competition.


Logan knows the girls and looks up to them. So he wanted to show that he loved them by buying some of their stuff. So I am right.

And they were goooood!

I am so thankful; I am so blessed for living here in this neighborhood and being surrounded by fantastic people. I am glad that I have people around me that make me want to be a better person.

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