Sep 22, 2011

Even More Football!

The Platis household lately has been obsessed with the sport of football. Wait a sec, I should clarify this. I have been obsessed these last few weeks with football. And now I can add another piece to that puzzle of the NFL, college games, my NFL blog columns, Madden play and the Screaming Banshees fantasy football team. Logan joined a Flag Football League.

While black is a cool color, they unfortunately are the Raiders. Guess I will have to teach them how to cheat.

He started practice last week and had his first game last night. This will be an interesting season for Logan, his coach is a lot more intense than any of his former coaches. And it is not like he is mean or anything like that, he just expects more out of these kids. It is a breath of fresh air from the last coach he had since this coach is really hands-on and he communicates with the kids and parents.

Logan has to learn a playbook and while flipping through it I saw that they are going to learn my favorite play in all of football, the Flea Flicker! I hope I don't get into trouble for publishing a play from the Raider playbook.

The team is filled with 3rd and 4th graders and since Logan is a newbie, the coach put him on the offensive line as a blocker. While I do think Logan has some speed with his long legs and can catch, I do agree with his coach on this. Logan still has a lot to learn about the game and putting him on the line will vastly improve his knowledge. He plays Left Tackle on offense and Cornerback/Safety on defense. 

Logan is the one looking like he is blocking his own player.

My initial worry is that my kid is not aggressive enough to block. But after a few practices (and blocking against his old man) I think he is picking it up. I volunteered to help the coach run plays and practice and so he made me play defense and I line up against the kids on the offensive line. Some of the kids know how to block (and I have the bruises to prove it) but some of them still have to figure out how to block and more importantly who to block. I think Logan was a little confused at first with being aggressive but that passed once he learned that it was a good thing to smash the other opponent. 

Logan is giving his best gameface look to the other team.

Logan also likes to rush the QB on defense. 

His first game was last night and it was a revelation to the new players. Now they got to see how and who to block and Logan for the most part got the right kid. I wasn't too sure if he was enjoying himself out there since he didn't get to score or touch the ball but on the ride home he said he loved playing. I told him that blocking is not a glamorous position but it is the most important thing to do and there is no other offensive position where you can knock the other player on his arse! And that cheered him up.

It should be a fun couple of weeks. I am looking forward to seeing this team grow and learn.


  1. Cool. Let me know when his games are: I would like to come watch.

  2. That's cool! I really should spend some more time with my kids teaching them some of these fundamentals ... but with 6 of 'em I just don't know if there would be time left for me to eat or sleep. :)