Sep 16, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week Two Picks

I noticed that I still have not made my playoff picks yet. I better get on that before you all accuse me of being on the bandwagon of whoever is winning at the time.

There were so many good games last week and a few surprises. I scored a decent 10/16, and what ticks me off is that I really should have taken the Raiders. It was a last second change to go with the Broncos and that will never happen again. I knew I should have taken the Raiders just to spite my Colorado cousins.*

So how will Week Two go?

Oakland at Buffalo:
Boy the Bills sure handed the Chiefs their arse. The Bills looked really good and that confidence should help them in their first home game. The crowd will definitely be loud and will help the Bills. The Raiders should be flying high after beating Denver at Mile High and also tying a record field goal that was accomplished by a Denver kicker at Denver. They will play hard but playing late Monday night and flying across the country to face a hot team will be too much for them to overcome. And the Bills showed that they can handle power runners.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Kansas City at Detroit:
I didn't expect the Lions to win last week. I thought for sure that they would win this week in an upset but now I don't think this qualifies as an upset. The Chiefs are in some deep trouble already and need to run the ball down the Lion's throats to have a chance. The crowd will help lift the Lions in their home-opener and stun the already-stunned Chiefs.
Winner: Detroit Lions

Baltimore at Tennessee:
The Ravens sure looked good last week and I expect them to continue to roll here. The Titans will play them hard but the Ravens have way too much talent to let the Titans sneak up on them. The energy from throttling the Steelers will continue here.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland at Indianapolis:
The Browns sure laid an egg last week. I think I have learned a lesson in picking the Browns, especially as a lock-of-the-week. The Colts looked so lost last week but I expect them to bounce back. It would not surprise me if the Browns won but I think the Colts have a small edge.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Tampa Bay at Minnesota:
The Vikings played pretty good in a losing effort but they really need McNabb to throw more than the measly amount he threw last week. The Bucs lost a game that they really should have won at home last week and I expect them to bounce back in a major way. The Buccs will win on the road in a close one.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chicago at New Orleans:
The Saints defense worries me a little here but I think they can hold off the Bears enough for the win.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Jacksonville at New York Jets:
The Jets should win this game but I really worry about RB Maurice Jones-Drew catching the ball in the flat. The Jags will stay in the game because of that reason alone. The Jets will go back to pounding the ball with the run which will lead to some fun play-action passing which will win the game.
Winner: New York Jets

Seattle at Pittsburgh:
This is just what the Steelers needed to get back on track. The Seahawks will continue to struggle offensively and the defense will have its hands full holding an angry Steelers team. The Steelers better be careful because they Seahawks could catch them by surprise. But that is a big "could".
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Arizona at Washington:
A cross country road trip will spell doom for the Cardinals. They will hang in there but will be outclassed by the Redskins and their running game.
Winner: Washington Redskins

Green Bay at Carolina:
I don't see a repeat performance for the Panthers in this game. The Packers will welcome rookie QB Cam Newton to the NFL in this game. The Packers will start a little slow because of the layoff between games but once they start rolling, they will not be stopped.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Dallas at San Francisco:
I feel bad for QB Tony Romo. I do think he is quite talented but it seems like he keeps getting the raw side of the deal. He should bounce back this week but for some reason I see the 49ers taking it to them. My gut instinct says that the 49ers will renew that old intense rivalry by handing it to the Cowboys. This will be the Upset-of-the-Week.
Winner: San Francisco 49ers

Cincinnati at Denver:
Ugh, I don't want to call this game. I am not a believer in the Bengals but they proved to me that they will go down fighting. But then they won against the Browns. The Broncos will definitely go down fighting but they laid a Mile High Egg last Monday night. The Bengals have no business winning games but the Broncos are on a short week, playing extra late on a Monday night in a losing effort. But the Broncos are more talented than the Bengals so I should go with them right?
Winner: Denver Broncos
Yeah, I am not falling for that one again.
Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

Houston at Miami:
Miami's defense must be freaking out. The Pats posted major numbers on them and the Texans can post major numbers too. The good thing for Miami is it looks like QB Chad Henne can post up some great numbers on his own but I think the Houston defense has enough to stall the Dolphins enough to win in a shoot-out.
Winner: Houston Texans

San Diego at New England:
Now I am not a fan of the Pats but I will give them their due. They look like a machine out there, a large offensive juggernaut. The Chargers got a rare early-season win last week but they go on the road across country and face the Pats in a home-opener. This will be a slugfest but I think the Pats will win because they are at home. If the game was in San Diego, I would take the Chargers.
Winner: New England Patriots

Philadelphia at Atlanta:
Michael Vick comes back to Atlanta will be the main storyline, which is unfortunate because this will be quite the game. The Falcons looked horrid last week in Chicago and I expect them to bounce back this week. But it won't be enough as the Eagles win in a squeaker. The Eagles defense will make a few plays that will change the game.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

St. Louis at New York Giants
The Rams injuries will unfortunately make the difference here. The Giants want to erase the bitter taste of losing last week and they will be out in force against the Rams. But the Giants have injuries of their own too so I expect the Rams to play them tough. But it won't be enough.
Winner: New York Giant

*only teasing... maybe

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  1. I am happy to be teased anytime about the Broncos. And if I were you, I wouldn't probably pick them again this year! :)