Sep 7, 2011

Upon Further Review: AFC

A new NFL season is just upon us and I cannot be happier. Not only am I passionate about the game, watching football evokes strong memories of the past. Some of my best times were associated around the NFL. Even some Sunday dinners taste better because of football. It is just good to have it back.

Here are my AFC Predictions.


I know, I know. I picked my favorite team to take the AFC East. But I have good reason why. The Jets have been the Wildcard for the last two years and I think they have realized that they need to have home-field advantage to take them past the AFC Championship. I think this happens this season. The Jets go 11-5 and win the tie-breaker over the Pats.

The Pats made some significant moves during the off-season that will definitely put them in the playoff hunt. I am just not convinced that the Pats can win big games and I am not convinced that the running game will be successful. But I can see the Pats going 11-5 and snagging a Wildcard playoff spot.

The Dolphins will have a fantastic defense but unfortunately they could quite possibly have no offense to score the much-needed points. RB Reggie Bush will not solve the loss of their running game and QB Chad Henne really needs to step up this season. A 6-10 record may be too nice to call.

 There is some reason to hope in Buffalo. Offensively the Bills should be able to put up some points but I am not a believer in the defense and the ability to close out games. The Bills are on the way up though. A 6-10 record is something they may be able to surpass.


It seems like every year will be the year the Texans take the next step. I have believed that for the last two years and like a sucker, I am going with them again. While I do see the running game being not as productive as last year, I do see it being strong enough to help the Texans offensively. The defense should be much improved from last year and that will help propel the Texans to the next level. 9-7 should be enough for them to win the AFC South.

For the first time in years, QB Peyton Manning may not be able to start the season and that will hurt the Colts. They will still be competitive but the edge that Manning gives them will be gone for the first couple of games. Just enough to come 2nd to the Texans. A 9-7 or 8-8 record will not be good enough and the Colts will miss the playoffs for the first time in years.

RB Chris Johnson and a decent defense will give the Titans some swagger but not enough to challenge for the AFC South title. Unfortunately for all the other teams in the division, they will play spoiler. 6-11 could be a high number of games for the Titans to win.

I would have ranked the Jags higher but with news hitting just yesterday that they were releasing their starting QB I just don't have confidence in them. It looks like they do not have confidence either. Now the Jags did the same thing a few seasons ago when they released QB Leftwich and they went on to win but I don't see lightning striking twice. I see a 4-12 record with RB Drew-Jones winning those games on his own. But he can't win them all.


I like what the Ravens have done this off-season, especially bringing speedy WR Lee Evans over. This team should be able to post some major points on opponents and they need to learn that they need to win against the Steelers and home-field advantage to go farther in the playoffs. Like the Jets, they will do it this year. 12-4 will easily take this division.

Most teams that make the Superbowl and lose usually will have a sub-par season the next one. I just don't see HC Mike Tomlin letting the Steelers get away with it. They have offensive line issues that other teams will attack and they could have some Superbowl hangover issues but not enough for them to miss the playoffs. They will snag a Wildcard spot and cause major headaches for the other AFC playoff teams.

The Browns are heading in the right direction but are still young and a few players away from being playoff contenders. Unfortunately for them they also play in a division with two of the AFC's major powers. QB Colt McCoy will have some growing pains this season but will also show some flashes of greatness. This will be a team no one will want to take lightly.

It didn't take that long for the Bengals to become the Bungles again. I have a hard time seeing this team be competitive with all the strife management causes with the players. Some players will play hard because that is who they are but some players will merely phone it in. Why play hard for a team that has no player loyalty? This will be the worst team in the NFL and a 2-14 record is too kind.


 If the Chargers win during the first two months of the season then they should have the AFC West division all to themselves. But that is a major if since they consistently struggle during the first part of the season. But they are a complete team and QB Phillip Rivers will win games through his sheer will. A 12-4 record should be easy for them in a relatively weak division.

The Chiefs will not be able to sneak up on anyone this season. And the Chiefs will continue to struggle with winning teams. Unfortunately for them, the Chiefs will be competitive for a Wildcard playoff spot but will take a step backward this season. I like the Chiefs running game and that will keep them going but I don't think they have the will to close out games. A 9-7 record though is nothing to be ashamed about.

I picked the Raiders are a surprise team last year and they did decent last year but with some of the players they lost during the off-season, I just don't see them improving this year. I like what they are doing and feel they are heading up but they are still a few players short of taking the AFC West title. They will certainly make it difficult for the others though. 8-8 is better than a losing record.

New HC John Fox will have this Bronco team ready and they will play hard but they lack offensive firepower. And if you don't score points, you won't win games. And I am not convinced that the running game has anything to offer. Defensively they look mediocre and that doesn't bode well. 5-11 might be the best they could do.

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  1. I can't really disagree with anything you've written, although I hope the Broncos defense gets better as the season progresses. I think Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil could be a dangerous two-some ... but it will take time.