Sep 15, 2011

Survey Says! The Sequel

About a month ago I blogged about getting this expensive book for free by simply taking surveys online. I was very satisfied that I was able to afford this huge sucker for spending very little time taking these surveys. It only took me a little over a month to earn that book.

Well, there is a good reason why this blog is a sequel!

Since I ordered my book back on August 11th, I have earned $59 by taking these surveys. And not only that, I also earned an additional $15 by participating in an Allergy Panel (which I got from taking one of these surveys). So what did that add up too?
I know, I know. I spent all that money on a comic book! 
Well EXCUSE ME! It is my moola!

I cannot believe how easy this really is. I may never have to pay for my comic book habit again! So what is next? I still have two Queen boxsets to get but I may put that off for a little bit and grab some books that I have always wanted.

I won't blog about this again (well, I will probably blog the day I get these in my grubby hands) but I highly recommend doing this. So far, (and I am not doing this to brag) I have earned $135.60 in just a few months!


  1. That is so great! Will you email me the info? I think I might need to get in on this.

  2. I'm still working through getting signed up to do this. My work e-mail wouldn't allow me to login and when I tried from Karen's e-mail the link didn't work. But I'm going to join you soon 'cause that sounds awesome!