Sep 23, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week 3 Picks

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I scored a point higher than last week, scoring an 11/16. But the bad news is that I have two trouble-causing teams that refuse to go the way I want them to go. Usually I have one team throughout the season that causes me fits but it looks like I may have two of them. Bengals and Broncos are officially on my black list.

Now on to the Week 3 picks!

Houston at New Orleans:
New Orleans is pretty tough at home and have just enough defense to slow the Texans down.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

NY Giants at Philadelphia:
If QB Vick plays the Giants have no chance. If Vick doesn't play the Giants have a slim chance. I was impressed by the Eagles backup QB Mike Kafka (he should start over Vince Young for sure) and I like the chances of the Eagles winning this game easily.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Jacksonville at Carolina:
QB Cam Newton is proving that he has what it takes to compete in the NFL. And Cam will also notch his first win of the season against a reeling Jags team. It will be close but the Panthers will easily take the 2nd half.
Winner: Carolina Panthers

New England at Buffalo:
I really like the Bills chances here. I think they have an offense that will give the Pats fits. And I think that Buffalo has the momentum here. But that does not solve the Brady/Bellichek problem. Somehow the Pats will find the way to win this game.
Winner: New England Patriots

Miami at Cleveland:
Good thing for the Dolphins is that they are on the road and not playing at home. They will come in and play hard but will not take the Browns seriously. The Dolphins are struggling on defense and the Browns could run all over them.
Winner: Cleveland Browns

San Francisco at Cincinnati:
I like the Bengals chances here but they failed me last week. The 49ers should win and when they should win they usually don't. Do I have to pick this game? So what will it be Bengals?
Winner: San Francisco 49ers

Denver at Tennessee:
The Broncos are much like the Bengals to me. They both are orange and they both fail me when I call games. So what do I do now? I think the Titans will edge out the Broncos but only barely. And where is Million Dollar Man Chris Johnson? You gonna be like this all season Broncos?
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Baltimore at St. Louis:
If the Rams didn't make stupid mistakes Monday night, they could have beaten the Giants. If the Ravens play like they did last week the Rams could sneak away with a win. But the Ravens won't, an angry Ray Lewis will make sure that a repeat of last week will not happen again.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

NY Jets at Oakland:
I was impressed with the Raiders last week that is until they melted down in the 4th quarter. The Jets are playing across country and that will hurt them. If the Raiders won last week I would totally pick them against the Jets here. But I think the Jets can win in a squeaker.
Winner: New York Jets

Kansas City at San Diego:
I feel bad for the Chiefs. I still think they can be pretty competitive, it will be interesting to see how this team reacts to all the negative stuff that has happened to the team.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Arizona at Seattle:
I love that each NFL season is so unpredictable. Who would have thought that last year's NFC West Champion could be the worst team in the NFL? But then on the other hand, they only won 7 games last year. Seattle is a tough place to play but it is not hard enough for the Cards to overcome.
Winner: Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta at Tampa Bay:
Both teams got impressive wins last week and this game looks to be a very good one. I know it is early in the season but this game will have playoff implications. Atlanta looks to be the better team here but I am thinking that the Bucs win in a small upset.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Green Bay at Chicago:
The Packers have to lose at least one game during the season right? And this could be it facing a tough Bears team in enemy territory. But I just don't see the Packers losing. While it would not surprise me to see the Bears win in Chicago, I am still sticking with the World Champions.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis:
I really thought that the Colts could bounce back a bit without QB Peyton Manning but I was wrong. The Colts will fight hard but are hopelessly outmatched against the Steelers. This was the easiest game to pick all season.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Washington at Dallas:
Now this looks like it could be quite an entertaining game. I am still not a believer in the Redskins but they could prove doubters me wrong. If this was at Washington I would take them but I think Dallas got some momentum last week which will carry to this game at home. It will be close.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

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  1. Ha ha ... glad to know the Broncos are frustrating to you too! :) You should read my fair-weather fan blog post! :)