Sep 30, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week Four Picks

Yikes, Week 4 of the NFL means that we are a quarter way through the season! I scored another 11/16 last week (thanks to both the Broncos/Bengals for going the way I called it) but I am looking to do better this week.

Detroit at Dallas:
Sooner or later the Lions will lose and I only say that because it is extremely hard to make it through the season undefeated. But the Cowboys secondary is a little beat up and I see the Lions receivers having a monster game. The Lions are for real and this game will prove it.
Winner: Detroit Lions

Carolina at Chicago:
Carolina is a much better team than I figured and I credit the coaching staff for getting rookie QB Cam Newton ready to play. Of course they guy is extremely talented and that helps as well. But it is time to come back to Earth. The Bears defense will make a comeback this week.
Winner: Chicago Bears

Buffalo at Cincinnati:
This is a classic trap game for the Bills but for all the things I have seen and read, I don't think the Bills will be overlooking the Bengals. Beating New England will not make this team cocky, it will only instill in them a vast amount of confidence. The Bengals will give the Bills all they have but the better team will win.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

SIDENOTE: It has been a long, long time that I picked both the Bills and Lions to win during the same week. I know it is WAY early in the season but how freaking magical would a Lions/Bills Superbowl be?

Tennessee at Cleveland:
The Browns impressed me with how they won against Miami last week. Unfortunately that was against a hapless Dolphin team and I don't expect the Browns to be able to do what they did last week this week against the Titans. But the Browns are at home and I might give them another chance this week to show that they a better team.
Winner: Cleveland Browns

Minnesota at Kansas City:
I really want to pick the Chiefs here to win. The Vikings have showed me that they are a scared team. They have no heart and no desire to win. If they did, they would have won last week for sure. Personally, I think it would be easy to hold a lead. Just feed RB Adrian Peterson the ball when you have it. The Chiefs should win but the Vikings have too much talent. And I am hoping that they learned a lesson and give Adrian the ball.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Washington at St. Louis:
The Redskins should have beat Dallas last Monday night and it is all Deangelo Hall's fault. As long as this guy is on the Redskins, the Redskins will not progress into the playoffs. The more he runs his mouth, the more it ruins the team. I think the Redskins could beat the Rams but unless they take care of this issue, they won't be able to come together as a team.
Winner: St. Louis Rams

New Orleans at Jacksonville:
The Jaguars will fight hard but rookie QB mistakes will be too much for them to overcome. The Saints easy in this one.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Pittsburgh at Houston:
Oh, I hope this game is on TV. I have a feeling that Houston is going to come out big in this game. The home-field crowd, the air attack and the much-improved Houston D will have the Steelers on their back. For every good thing the Steelers accomplish, the Texans will trump them. Well, I hope so...
Winner: Houston Texans

San Francisco at Philadelphia:
The Eagles want to forget about that awful loss last week and the best way to wash that awful taste out of their mouths is to win. Luckily the 49ers are coming to town. The game will be competitive but the Eagles will want it more.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

New York Giants at Arizona:
My heart says to go for the Cardinals but I think that the Giants are rolling quietly in the right direction. It will not be easy for the Giants and they may have to overcome some mistakes or bad play early for them to win.
Winner: New York Giants

Atlanta at Seattle:
We will see how much heart the Falcons have. They lost a heart breaker last week and they have to travel across the country to face a team that won unexpectedly last week. I think the Falcons have some fight to take out a weaker team.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Miami at San Diego:
The good news is that Miami is on the road. But the bad news is that they have to travel across the country and face one of the better AFC teams who are still angry losing to the Pats two weeks ago.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

New England at Oakland:
Even though it really ticked me off, I was really impressed with the Raiders and how they ran against a tough Jets D. When it came down to it, the Raiders got what they needed out of the running game, out of QB Jason Campbell and also that young defense. The Raiders will have a much tougher time containing QB Tom Brady but they will be able to keep up in scoring. I think the Raiders are for real too. The Raiders score another major upset.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Denver at Green Bay:
The Packers have to lose one some time right? But not against this team and not at home.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

New York Jets at Baltimore:
I cannot wait for this game. The Ravens exploded offensively last week but they won't be able to do that to the Jets. The Jets D will be back to avenge their loss last week. Now I am sure that this is not going to surprise anyone but I am going with the Jets in an upset. The Ravens beat them last year at New York and the Jets are going to return the favor and beat the Ravens at Baltimore. Should be a fun game!
Winner: New York Jets

Indianapolis at Tampa Bay:
I didn't think the Colts would be able to hang with the Steelers last week and I was happy to be disappointed. But I think the Colts extended themselves far last week, both emotionally and physically. And on the road against an up-and-coming team? I am looking forward to watching QB Josh Freeman play.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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  1. A few picks I don't agree with, but your record says you're better at this than me! :)
    Oh, I have to say a Bills / Lions SuperBowl would be awesome! I would love to see that come to fruition (even if it wasn't this year).