Sep 10, 2011

Upon Further Review: Week 1

The Packer/Saint game was all that I thought it would be. Lots and lots of scoring and some good 'ol tackling. And best of all, I am 1-0 in my weekly predictions. I should quit while I am ahead, already I am doing better than last year.

Atlanta at Chicago:
If this game was during the winter months I would give the Bears the edge. Since Atlanta is playing in decent weather they have enough tools and talent to edge past the Bears.
Winner: Chicago Bears

Cincinnati at Cleveland:
Cleveland is going to be one of the more surprising teams in the AFC. The Bungles are headed nowhere. Lock of the Week here folks!
Winner: Cleveland Browns

Buffalo at Kansas City:
The Chiefs should be very careful with this game. The Bills are a better team than they were last year and they could sneak right up on the Chiefs. Luckily for the Chiefs, it is opening day and it is kinda difficult for a team to be snuck up on.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Detroit at Tampa Bay:
I would love to watch this game. Two teams that are definitely heading in the right direction and the two teams I am very interested in. The Lions will play very hard and will come close but the Bucs will get the victory in the 4th quarter. The Lions will have to wait to get that first win.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Philadelphia at St. Louis:
It will take the Eagles a little to start to gel together and they will need to be careful because the Rams will be ready for a slobberknocker. The Rams will come up just short.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Tennessee at Jacksonville:
This is a hard game to call. I like the Titans chances with a new QB than Jacksonville. And I am sure that RB Chris Johnson has a chip on his shoulder. 
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Pittsburgh at Baltimore:
The Ravens need to win this game to help secure homefield advantage away from the Steelers. Yeah, I am already talking playoffs. 

The Ravens will get the win in a thriller.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Indianapolis at Houston:
This is the Texans best chance to secure the division away from Peyton Manning. But they better be careful and not think that they have this game in the bag. QB Painter or QB Collins will be slinging away. But it won't be enough on the road.
Winner: Houston Texans

New York Giants at Washington:
The Giants OWN this team. But for some reason, Redskins RB Tim Hightower will steal the show. I smell an upset here.
Winner: Washington Redskins

Seattle at San Francisco:
Boy, this could either be quite the stinker or quite the entertaining game. Since it is Week One, I think it will be a stinker that both teams wouldn't want to be claimed as the winner. But one of them has to so I will go with the home team. The 49ers coach will at least have them playing hard.
Winner: San Francisco 49ers

Minnesota at San Diego:
History says that I should take the Vikings. But maybe, just maybe the Chargers have learned something from history. 
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Carolina at Arizona:
I am sure the Cardinals HC is slobbering at the idea of facing a rookie QB on opening day. Surprisingly, the Cardinals aerial offense, which was lost last season, will be found. 
Winner: Arizona Cardinals

Dallas at New York Jets:
It will hard to contain the emotion. I will be thinking of the city of New York right up until kickoff. This will be the most emotional game the Jets will play in and it could take some time before all the players settle in and just play the game. The Jets will win one for New York.
Winner: New York Jets

Ooooo... ...a double-header!
New England at Miami:
The Pats will blitz the crap out of QB Chad Henne and that will lead to some costly turnovers. The Dolphins will play hard but the Pats will prove to be too much. Even though it was only a preseason loss to the Lions, the Pats will want to show on national TV that they are the team to beat.
Winner: New England Patriots

Oakland at Denver: 
Last year I picked the Raiders to beat the Broncos at Denver and I think I was the only one to pick them. Not only did the Raiders win, they throttled the Broncos 59-14. Can it happen again? The Broncos will do everything they can to avenge themselves. But the Raiders know they can win in Denver. But can they win in a national televised game? They have not done that in 7 years or so. Argh! Decisions decisions.
Winner: Oakland Raiders...   ...wait, Denver.  No, no, the Raiders.
Real Winner: Denver Broncos


  1. Love your blog..
    I don't agree because we have different tastes in football. Me getting all excited about uniforms and long hair and big smiles. which works out most of the time.
    Great having you back at least once a week.

  2. Can't believe the stupid Broncos gave away that game! LAME !!! And it messed up your picks!