Sep 8, 2011

Upon Further Review: NFC Predictions

So I spent all that time making a new banner and I totally forgot to put it in yesterday's columns.

Now to the NFC! 


 While I do think the Eagles have enough talent to take the NFC East (only if QB Michael Vick can remain healthy) I am not convinced that this new dream team will make it to the Superbowl (remember the Heat?) and win it all. It will be close though. A 11-5 campaign should be in reach.

Don't forget about America's Team. They still have some talent to make a nice run to the playoffs. Again though, as long as QB Tony Romo is healthy, they should be able to compete for the NFC East title and a wildcard spot. If the running game works, watch out! A 10-6 record fits.

Injuries will take their toll on this team. While HC Tom Coughlin will make this team play heard, they just don't have the players to back it up. They should be able to score a lot of points but I don't think they could win many shootouts. A disappointing 7-9 season for the G-Men.

I like what QB Mike Shanahan is doing with the Redskins except for the QB situation. I am just not a big believer in both QB John Beck and Rex Grossman. The Redskins could not figure out who they wanted to play QB and Grossman is on a short leash. Beck probably get some playing time but he is still pretty raw. The QB situation is not settled and that will result in the the team struggling. A 6-10 season might be a little mean since they really do have some talent.


 The Saints will only get better this season and will make a play for the Superbowl. The only thing that concerns me about this team is the running game and the lack of a true RB. It seems that RB Mark Ingram is the answer but that is not a sure thing. While the running game is questionable, QB Drew Brees is not. A 11-5 season will be good enough in a very tough division.

Tampa Bay impressed the heck out of me last year and QB Josh Freeman is turning into one of my favorite players to watch. They barely missed the playoffs last year and with the young team remaining intact, they will compete for the NFC South and the wildcard. They will win just enough games against divisional opponents to grab a wildcard at 10-6.

 The Falcons will be a tough team but I am not a fan of the their running game and I see it struggling this year. This team will also struggle against the rest of the NFC South and will unfortunately be in the Buccs position last year. A winning record at 9-7 but edged out of the playoffs.

The Panthers will struggle under new rookie QB Cam Newton. And they are rebuilding and under a new coach. Those things just don't add up to contending. Don't get me wrong though, they will be tough and they will easily play spoiler to other playoff teams. I expect a decent 5-11 record for this team.


 The defending Superbowl Champions will have a harder road back to the playoffs. They will be a stronger team than last year and will be very tough to beat. But they have a huge target on them and they play in a very tough division. They will take the NFC North but not without a fight with a 12-4 record.

 The Lions are my surprise team in the NFL and they will challenge the Pack for the NFC North title. The Lions are still young and they will make some mistakes but this will be a big season for them. They will secure a winning record but will miss the playoffs just by a thread. They will lose a tiebreaker because of their divisional record. But celebrate Lion fans, they will be 10-6.

We forget that the Bears actually won the NFC North last year and they will be competitive this year as well. But I am just a believer in QB Jay Cutler. He has the skills but he lacks the drive to be consistent. The Bears will win a bunch of games but will only post an 8-8 record.

The Vikings window is closing quickly and I like the move to bring QB Donovan McNabb in. Unfortunately they still will be feeling the effects of the major disappointment of last season and it will result in a slow start. Even with RB Adrian Peterson's monster numbers, the Vikings will struggle and with rivals like these, they will be on the outside looking in. Another disappointing 7-9 campaign.


 I feel that the Rams know that they can take this division. Last year a 7-9 team took the division and the Rams were just barely out of contention. QB Sam Bradford looks ready to go to the next level and with veteran leadership provided by RB Steven Jackson, I can see this team easily taking the title in the weakest division. And this time, a team with a winning record of 9-7 will take it.

Don't count out the Cards just yet. The addition of QB Kevin Kolb will help this team stay competitive and will challenge the Rams but unfortunately will lose some games that they should have won. They will be edged out 8-8.

The 49ers will be a new team. But that will be when they get rid of the old team. I see the 49ers getting better and better but it will not be this year. New HC Jim Harbaurgh will get this team excited and ready to play, they just need some new personnel. A rough 5-11 record will keep this team in the cellar.

The Seahawks won the division last year but will be hard pressed to win it again this year. I am not convinced that the QB situation will be the one to take them to the top. While the team will play hard for the ol' ball coach, I just don't seeing it translate into wins. It will be a growing season for the Seahawks and a 3-13 record is not hard to see.

New Orleans at Green Bay: Oh boy, hang on to your hats! The Saints will give the Packers all they can handle but homefield advantage takes the win. I do smell a rematch in the future in the NFC Championship game.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

And I will have some playoff predictions coming up before Sunday.

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