Sep 1, 2011

Football Fever!

I think I have finally succumbed to Football Fever. It has taken awhile for this to have finally take over. I think the hot weather has had something to do with it since Football Fever needs cooler, fall-like temperatures to thrive.

The weather is still pretty warm for this time of year so you would think that I could fight off this yearly sickness. But yesterday I finally found a copy of Athlon's Pro Football Annual (I have bought this magazine every year for the last thirteen years) and I bought the newest Madden game. I sold Madden 11 online with a couple of other games and CDs I was no longer needing and got enough to mostly cover the price of the game. I think I will have to only pay one dollar when it is all settled. Combine that with my two Fantasy Football leagues (one drafted last Sunday) and I gave in.

I love those Athlon magazines. I still re-read the old ones. 

With all this football activity, I knew that I HAVE to blog about it. The writing/blogging bug is itching bad! I looked at last year's blog and that only worsened my condition. I was going to start today by giving my NFC predictions but my old Upon Further Review banner was looking old. So I created a brand new one that I am about 80 percent satisfied with.

When I get back from Park City (Huzzah! Platis Family Reunion!) I will post my NFC and AFC predictions (in separate blogs) when I get back.

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  1. Like the new logo! Very futuristic! :)