Nov 16, 2010

The Log Driver's Waltz

One of my favorite memories of living in Canada was the neat TV spots they would air on Canadian TV that was produced by the Canadian National Film Board. Basically these were TV spots that would spotlight Canadian culture and its nation. They had a bunch of them but the best one was the Log Driver's Waltz.

"The Log Driver's Waltz" is a Canadian folk song, written by Wade Hemsworth and is also a Canadian animated film from the National Film Board, released in 1979. Kate and Anna McGarrigle and the Mountain City Four, sung the song for the animated short film. The film is one of the most-requested in the entire collection of the National Film Board.

Occasionally, The Log Driver's Waltz appears on Canadian channels like CBC Television as filler between two programs, much like Heritage Minutes. That was one of the few films that I would stop and watch.

I still remember this classic like it was just yesterday. I know the words by heart and I can tell you exactly what happens in the cartoon. It was things like this that made Canada so unique.

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