Nov 4, 2010

Upon Further Review

You know what I love about the NFL?

I love that there is absolutely no way that I can correctly call each game each week. There is always some sort of upset, some sort of surprise. I scored 8/13 last week so I didn't do too bad.

I also waived Randy Moss on one of my football leagues. That is one of my pet peeves, people who have all this talent and they squander it. I wish I had half of Randy's talent but if that comes with half of his horrible attitude I don't want it.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta:
This will be an intriguing game. Tampa Bay claims they are one of the best NFC squads and with their record it is hard to argue that. The young team is gaining confidence are getting better but now they go up against one of the best NFC squads in the Falcons. Tampa Bay takes the lead but the Falcons win it in the end.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Chicago at Buffalo:
I don't know which is more difficult. Winning every game or losing every game of the season. The Bills have kept it close the last two weeks and should be tough at home but they are expounding a lot of energy and they don't have anything to show for it. The Bears are feast or famine with Jay Cutler. I think the Bills get their first win of the season.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

New England at Cleveland:
This has upset written all over it. Or it has blow out written all over it. The Browns will play tough and Mangini will have them ready but New England is just too much for them. No upset and no blow out. Just an ugly win, much like Tom Brady's hair.
Winner: New England Patriots

NY Jets at Detroit:
The Lions are riding high with that win and the Jets are riding low with a loss. We will see how resilient the Jets are. The Jets are more talented but the Lions will give them a run for their money. The Jets escape Detroit with a win in OT.
Winner: New York Jets

New Orleans at Carolina:
The Saints got a major win last week and they will need to be careful with the Panthers. This is a classic trap game.
Winner: New Orleans Saints (I just couldn't pick the Panthers)

Miami at Baltimore:
This could be the battle of the field goal kickers. Both teams are out to prove something. The Dolphins are perfect on the road. Until this game.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

San Diego at Houston:
It all depends on which team actually shows up. The Chargers of last week or the Chargers of the 1st week? Will the Texans of Monday night show up? Or will the Texans of the first week come? San Diego does have to travel but the Texans lost Monday night and are on the short week. ARGH!
Winner: Houston Texans

Arizona at Minnesota:
The Vikings are a mess but one thing can cure that. Winning. And luckily for them, the Cardinals have shown up.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

NY Giants at Seattle:
The Seahawks are showing signs of life but the Giants are just rolling. Hopefully their bye week doesn't stop that momentum.
Winner: New York Giants

Indianapolis at Philadelphia:
Michael Vick gets his start and it will be interesting to see how the Eagles play. The Colts are hurt and playing last Monday night will not help them. But the Colts are just too good.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Kansas City at Oakland:
Who would have thought that this game will matter? I am loving both teams and how they play and this should be a good one. If it was at Kansas City I would go the Chiefs but I will take the Raiders at home. Hopefully the 2-game streak continues.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Dallas at Green Bay:
Stick a fork in Dallas. They are done. If the Jags can beat them in Dallas, the Packers can do it at Green Bay. Green Bay needs this game.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Monday Night
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati:
The Bengals swept the Steelers last year but I don't see it happening this year. The Steelers want revenge and the Bengals are... well... the Bengals. I think it will be close until the Bengals need to make plays and then they muck it up.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

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