Nov 5, 2010

Shorts in November?

I feel fat.

Every time I put my hands on my stomach I feel fat. I have not exercised for the last couple of weeks and I really needed to get out while the weather was still nice.

I went out and ran the other day but yesterday I was feeling really tired. So I decided to get my walking shoes and pack a backpack and grab my camera and go up to the campus of Utah State University.

A few summers ago I participated in a Diet Cholesterol Eating Study at USU and I would walk up to campus each morning to eat breakfast. It is about a 2-3 mile walk and it is all uphill on the way there. I enjoyed walking so I decided yesterday to retrace my old walking trip and bring my camera along to take pictures of the beautiful fall foliage. I will have to blog about the eating thing sometime in the future.

This is usually where I start my run. It goes up this nice trail to the Logan Temple. But this time I hung a left and went up a different trial.

If you look right at the bottom you will see a small river.

Somewhere in this direction is my house. Can you see it?

That large building in the distance is Old Main on USU. And that is where I am headed.

Old Main Hill. Not too far away now.

On Old Main Hill there is a cool amphitheatre. Sometimes after class I would come over here and sit and relax.

Old Main. A ton of my classes were here. Grandpa Anhder had to ring the bell in the tower with the A on it when he was at USU.

I circled the building and came back down that path. It was so nice out. I was wearing shorts and I was not cold. SHORTS! In November!

On the way home you can see the Logan Temple rise up out of nowhere.

This was the temple Kristy and I were married in. I would then walk down the hill and take a left and go to Merlin Olsen Park.


  1. Gorgeous post! I loved seeing these pictures. Logan is beautiful and I have fond memories of the Logan temple as well! :)

  2. Too many trees to see our house. But I know where it is. You can see Loila's house.

  3. Beautiful pictures!!