Nov 12, 2010

Upon Further Review

Did you see last night's game? I wish I did. I don't mind Thursday Night games but I hate not having the NFL Network. I just don't want to pay an additional $20 a month just so I can watch a few games. At least I could see the highlights though. And I was right! Atlanta won.

I am still over fifty percent with my picks with 10/13 games correct. Finally the Raiders show what I thought they would be! Here are my picks for the rest of the games this week.

Detroit at Buffalo:
The Lions really should have won last week. And I think the Bills should have won last week. The Lions are fighting but their QB is out. The Bills are really trying hard and their QB has been on fire. Even though I may offend some family members, I am going with the Bills. I feel like they deserve to win. If they don't win this game, they may not win one the rest of the season.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Minnesota at Chicago:
The Vikings are winning despite having a chilly relationship with their head coach. I am afraid that will bite them in the end but I think they can beat the Bears this week.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

NY Jets at Cleveland:
This game scares me. Browns head coach Eric Mangini comes back and faces his former employer. He beat his first employer in grand fashion last week. The Browns rookie QB has beaten Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Does Jets QB Mark Sanchez stand a chance? If the Jets can slow down the Browns RB Peyton Hillis than I think they can win it. This should be an ugly game that will come down to a field goal. The Jets win again barely. Jets HC Rex Ryan beats his brother.
Winner: New York Jets

Carolina at Tampa Bay:
I am still on the Josh Freeman bandwagon. The Bucs will need to be careful and not look past this team.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

Houston at Jacksonville:
I wish I could see this game because I think this will be a shoot-out! The Texans have one of the worst passing defenses and the Jags have been solid passing the ball. I think the Jaguars will steal one at home.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars 

Cincinnati at Indianapolis:
I was impressed by the Bengals Monday night in the 4th quarter and T.O. is playing some inspired football. But these are the Colts and they are angry for losing.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Tennessee at Miami:
The biggest news to come out of Miami is that QB Chad Henne has been benched and 2-Time Comeback Player of the Year, Chad Pennington gets his start. He will help the anemic passing game but not enough to win one. The Dolphins home woes continue.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Kansas City at Denver:
At least I get to watch this game. No matter what the records, the Chiefs and Broncos always have tough contests. But the Chiefs have too much talent for the Broncos to overcome. It will be close but costly mistakes will give the Chiefs the game.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs 

Dallas at NY Giants:
The Giants will need to be careful and not look past this game. It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys play after their head coach was fired. Personally, I think the Cowboys have already packed it in.
Winner: New York Giants

Seattle at Arizona:
The Seahawks have been up and down this season which is better than the Cardinals. I think the Seahawks will win but I have this gut feeling that the Cards will pull one out especially at home. I already regret making the pick.
Winner: Arizona Cardinals

St. Louis at San Francisco:
Who would have thought that this game would be so important for both teams? The 49ers need to win to keep up in the division and the Rams need a win to keep themselves atop the NFC West. I think the 49ers have more talent but the Rams have momentum and are thinking positive. And this could be the last hurrah for the 49ers with a loss. UGH. Who to go with....
Winner: San Fransisco 49ers (only because they are at home)

New England at Pittsburgh:
Oh Sunday Night Football how I love you. This should be a fantastic game. The Patriots should be able to keep up with the Steelers but I think it is here that the Pats will miss Randy Moss. They cannot match all the big plays the Steelers bring.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers 

Monday Night
Philadelphia at Washington:
I didn't think Redskins QB McNabb could go home again and he proved me wrong. I think the Eagles are playing better ball but I think the Redskins sweep the Eagles. McNabb has something to prove and not just to his former team, but to his current coach.
Winner: Washington Redskins

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