Nov 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving was fantastic. My family and I had a wonderful time with family, food and football.

We woke up and drove down to Salt Lake in the morning and we almost turned back. The roads in Logan and all the way to Sardine Canyon were horrendous. I know we had just had the blizzard but it looked like the roads were not plowed. And I am not even talking about the local roads around my house, I am talking about the main highway to the canyon. It was covered in ice and we fishtailed it all the way down to Wellsville.

Surprisingly, the roads were better through the canyon and bone dry all the way down to Salt Lake. We only got stuck one time and that was pulling into the church's parking lot. And of course we were the first ones to show up (aside from Renae and Gregg who had to open the church) as always. I pride myself in being on time for everything, I do not like to inconvenience anyone. Their time, like mine, is valuable. Eventually most of our family finally rolled in and we played around until the rest came over an hour late. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude so I guess I should just be happy that I saw my family.


The food was great. Everything was so tasty and PieFest!(tm) was so yummy. Steve made this awesome eggnog pie that was to die for. The only problem with all the pies is that there are just too many to try and eat! After food we played some games and just hung around and chatted.

The New York Jets were played that evening and I made arrangements to watch the game with Steve. In fact, I made these arrangements the moment the schedule was put out months and months ago. They invited us over to Andrea's parents home to watch the game in HD and the big screen. So we went over there, I was planning on only watching the first half or so and then head home. But then I thought it wouldn't matter when I left since it was already dark and it was already freezing. So the roads would be bad anyway. That and Steve got hungry and I couldn't just let him eat alone. So he went out and got us all tacos from Del Taco. I would have thought that I would be eating turkey leftovers that night not fast food!

After we finished watching the Jets beat the Bengals we headed home. Thanks Steven and Andrea for hosting us and making us eat tacos. I am very lucky and blessed to have such a great set of in-laws.


  1. I want nachos. Hey, I just thought of where we can go Friday!

  2. Tacos for Thanksgiving? Hmm, not a bad idea! It could be a new tradition!