Nov 18, 2010

Upon Further Review; Week 11

I cannot believe that we are on Week 11! This season is flying. I always find that around weeks 9-12 we see some pretty big upsets. Teams are making that final push to the playoffs and the teams that get hot now are the ones that go far into the playoffs.  Last week was not my best week at picking wins. I scored an embarrassing 6/13. I need to step up this week.

Chicago at Miami:
I feel a little bad for the Dolphins. They lost both Chad QBs and are on a short week facing the Bears tonight who beat the Vikings last Sunday. But I do have a lot of faith in QB Tyler Thigpen. I really like this guy and I am excited to see him play even though I absolutely hate the Dolphins. He is a very underrated player and with a little more prep time I think he could easily be the starter. Close game but I think the Bears barely win it.
Winner: Chicago Bears

Buffalo at Cincinnati:
The Bills finally got a win that they have been fighting so hard for. The Bengals are just a mess. I want to pick the Bengals because I think that they are more talented but I think the Bills want it more. And it is Buffalo's QB Ryan Fitzpatrick return to his old team. And you know if he wants to beat them. I guess I have just convinced myself to take the Bills.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Detroit at Dallas:
The Cowboys certainly rolled over the Giants with ease last Sunday. And the Lions...  ...well, the Lions did the usual. Finding new ways to lose. This game will be competitive but the Cowboys just have too much talent.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Washington at Tennessee:
Both teams were humiliated last week. But I think the Redskins will take it harder. It is at Tennessee and the Redskins can't stop quarterbacks that run.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Arizona at Kansas City:
Say what you want about the Chief's coach but I sure like his fiery attitude. The Chiefs have lost back-to-back games and are looking like the Chiefs of old. Good thing that the hapless Cards are coming to town. The Chiefs need this tune-up.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Green Bay at Minnesota:
This is it. If the Vikings don't win this game, they are out of the playoff hunt. This could be the last time Favre takes the field against his former team. The Packers have an excellent opportunity to put the Vikings out to pasture. So many story lines, so many reasons to win. It will be a close one but I think Favre has one more game in him to prolong this awful Vikings season.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Houston at NY Jets:
The Jets now have a place in NFL history. They have won back-to-back overtime games on the road and this needs to stop! I cannot take it anymore. The Jets will have their hands full in this game but Houston is allowing the most passing yardage and it seems like Jets QB Mark Sanchez is maturing and gaining more confidence in the passing game. And Texans QB Matt Shaub is a question mark.
Winner: New York Jets

Oakland at Pittsburgh:
What happened to the Steelers last week? They were killed! I don't think that will happen again, especially at home but they are facing a rejuvenated Raiders team that is getting better and better. I would love to see the Raiders march in here and kick the Steelers while they are done but I just don't see it happening. The Steelers will have to be careful and not look past this team.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore at Carolina:
The Ravens get their second bye week. The Panthers will fight but the Ravens will easily dispatch this team.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland at Jacksonville:
Now this is an intriguing game. The Jaguars are coming off a very emotional and exciting win while the Browns were just beaten in overtime. The Browns are heading in the right direction but I am not sure if the Jags are going that way too. Hard game to call and I think it will go down to the wire. Home field gets the win.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Tampa Bay at San Francisco:
The Bucs are playing well above what everyone thought and the 49ers are still struggling. The 49ers need this game to keep up in the NFC West and the Bucs are traveling across country. I do think the Bucs will win it but I am going for a more talented team. But if the 49ers lose this game, I will NEVER pick them again. Ever.
Winner: San Francisco 49ers 

Seattle at New Orleans:
Now is the time for the defending Superbowl Champions to get on a roll. And what better way than at home and against the Seahawks?
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Atlanta at St. Louis:
Atlanta is gotta be the best team playing in the NFC now. They will have a hard time against the Rams but talent and experience will take this game.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Indianapolis at New England:
Both of these teams just have a way of winning when the chips are down. The Colts have a lot of injuries but they have Peyton Manning. The Patriots do not have a lot of offense but they have Tom Brady. Game of the week here! But I think this will be an upset.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

NY Giants at Philadelphia:
Do the Eagles look good with QB Michael Vick? And what happened to the Giants last week. This is a huge divisional game and we will see just how good these squads are.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Monday Night
Denver at San Diego:
Denver looked really good against the Chiefs last week and the Chargers are doing their usual late season push. This will be an excellent game since both teams absolutely hate each other. The AFC West is still open and both these teams need this win. Luckily for the home crowd, the Charger should get it.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Cannot wait for the weekend!

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