Nov 2, 2010

Random Ramblings

It's Tuesday.  My favorite day of the week.

Already it has been a long week. Yesterday my father-in-law came over to help me replace the starter in my car. We have done it before years and years ago but I don't remember it being so difficult. But eventually we got the first bolt off the starter. It only took two hours to accomplish that. Eventually we did get it out and somehow we did get the new one in but I don't think my hands will ever be clean again. Big props to the Miltonator for helping me with it. The car did turn over and it still has some work to do but at least it is running.

I just need to remember that next time my Geo needs the Starter replaced is that it would be easier to just to buy a new car. I woke up this morning sore. The bottom of my back is killing me. Right at the belt loop because I spent hours on my back in the driveway.

I am sure you have noticed some changes with the blog. I thought about renaming the blog but I have followers and people have links to the address and it would be a headache to have everyone switch addresses. And it looks like blogger is not friendly with redirects so I am leaving it be. But I have a new banner and I have a new name for the blog. Bonus points for those that can tell me where the name and font comes from. I also set up a specific page (with link on the side menu) that talks specifically about the old challenge.

It is that time of the year again and I am already behind schedule. But it is one of my favorite times to crank out some writing under the gun. I have decided to write my western in first person perspective. I wanted to get the blog all worked out before I started and I am about 800 words behind. But I am getting this blog out of the way early and then I will be hitting the keyboard this afternoon to get some words out of the way. I am a little nervous about changing perspectives but I am sure I will find my way with it.

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