Nov 26, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 12

What a great Thanksgiving I had. Lots of football, family and food. But I will blog about that later. I forgot that I need to make my picks for the rest of Week 12. So far, so good, I am 3/3 already.

Last week I made some better picks and I scored 12/16. And I learned that I will never, ever pick the 49ers again. We'll see if I can keep that up. Now onto the games!

Green Bay at Atlanta:
This could easily be a preview of the NFC Championship. This will be a great test for both teams since they are both hot right now. The biggest key here will be if the Falcons can slow down the Rodgers and the Packers offense. It will be another tight one but I see the Packers pulling off an upset here.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh at Buffalo:
Buffalo has been playing some great football the last couple of weeks but they are facing their biggest challenge in the Steelers. While I do think that the homefield will help the Bills, it just won't be enough. The Steelers get away with a win.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Carolina at Cleveland:
It just wouldn't surprise me if the Panthers won here. That would be a typical week in the NFL. But Mangini will have his team ready to go since his job may be on the line. And I think the Panthers have already called it a season.
Winner: Cleveland Browns

Jacksonville at NY Giants:
Who would have thought that this would be an interesting game? The Jaguars are in 1st place in their division and the Giants are slowly slipping away. The Jaguars are hot and are certainly clicking on offense but I worry about their pass defense. The Giants will be without WR Hakeem Nicks and that could slow down the Giants passing game. I do love rooting for the underdog here...
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Minnesota at Washington:
The Vikings are done. Stick a fork in them because they are done. But I do think that they will be like Dallas and have a renewed sense of competitive spirit and will win out the rest of the season to spite their old coach.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Tennessee at Houston:
What the heck is wrong with QB Vince Young? I wish I had half his talent because if I did I would be happily playing in the NFL. I think HC Jeff Fisher is right, they need to dump this guy and move on. The Titans will play hard but they will be playing their 3rd string QB and it will show. The Texans actually get a win.
Winner: Houston Texans

Kansas City at Seattle:
So which NFC West team is going to step up and win this division? The answer? No one. And Kansas City will put a hurt on this team as it wants to step up and win its division.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Miami at Oakland:
So which Raider team are we going to get here? Hopefully not the one that laid the egg last week. Miami is reeling and traveling coast-to-coast will not help.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

St. Louis at Denver:
It comes down to this. The Rams are just playing better ball. Being at Mile High will be hard for the Rams but they should be able to win it in the end. I just don't see the Denver defense slowing Steven Jackson. Maybe the Rams want the NFC West?
Winner: St. Louis Rams

Philadelphia at Chicago:
Boy I didn't think this would be a game for divisional leaders. QB Michael Vick does just enough to win. The Bears defense will keep him in check for the most part but I don't think QB Jay Cutler can match Vick's offensive output.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Tampa Bay at Baltimore:
This will be a statement game for the Bucs if they pull off the win. But the Ravens defense is finally showing some life and they will put a small stop to the Bucs winning ways. This should be a good one.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

San Diego at Indianapolis:
I really like the Chargers Phillip Rivers. The Chargers will pose a problem for the Colts and I expect a shootout. Both teams cannot afford to lose and will be playing like this is a playoff game. Both quarterbacks make their teams all the much better. They can throw to anyone! But I smell an upset...
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Monday Night
San Francisco at Arizona:
Wow. Take the Monday off and do some Christmas shopping. Nothing to see here. Remember how I said I will never take the 49ers again? Hmmm... ..but they are playing the Cardinals! Nope, I gotta make my stand and back up my mouth.
Winner: Arizona Cardinals

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  1. I don't think you've picked the Broncos a single week!! I've picked them EVERY week! :P