Aug 30, 2010

Random Ramblings

Day 303

I hate it when I sit to blog and all I do is just stare at the computer screen. I have no idea what to blog about today so I guess I should just ramble on...

I am giddy. It is official, I bought the tickets today. On October 4th I am going to the Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper concert and I am really looking forward to it. Speaking of Rob Zombie, I noticed that no one commented on my Rob Zombie blog. Did I scare all of you away with my strange taste in music?

This morning my dad called in sick to work so I am working by myself. This did give me the opportunity to go out and run whenever I want and I really needed to take advantage of the weather. It is only supposed to get to about 67 degrees out. So around noon I went for my run around the temple. I am glad I went when I did. About an hour after I came home it started pouring out. And for the first time in months, I am wearing jeans. Not shorts, but full length jeans.

I had a real good day yesterday at church. We had some excellent speakers and I got the opportunity to teach the 12-14 year olds. These are the same girls that I spent Girl's Camp with so I knew what I was getting into. Sure enough, the girl's called me by my nickname of Dr. Pepper. I told them that they really shouldn't call me that in church and I think that made them feel bad, that is until I told them that they should call me Brother Dr. Pepper. The lesson went great, I am very impressed with the youth, I wish I was that strong at that age. I asked one of the girls to say the closing prayer and she gave such a sincere prayer that really touched me. She also told me that I was a great teacher and gave a great lesson. I also had a good time at choir practice. A former member of the ward was there and it looks like he will be coming back to our ward. It was great to see him and I am glad he is back.

And of course, you cannot have a blog without pictures.

These are my dad's old, old glasses. Logan totally reminds me of Elton John.


  1. I didn't comment on your Rob Zombie post because I didn't think it was fair to comment without listening... and I hadn't yet... I'm scared! ;)

    I shall now refer to you only as Brother Dr. Pepper... it only seems right!

    Love the picture of Logan... what a little stud!

  2. I was a little...shall we say...intimidated by your Rob Zombie post. No offense! But I'm happy that you will get to see him and Alice Cooper in concert! Fun stuff! Logan is the spitting image of Elton John with those glasses! :p

  3. Brother Dr. Pepper? That is AWESOME! Yes, Logan does look like Elton John... he should have worn them at the "concert" on Saturday!

  4. Rob Zombie isn't for everyone. It will be fun to people watch that is for sure!