May 29, 2010

Date Night 2010

Day 210

Kristy and I rarely go on dates. This was probably our first date of the year. It is not like we can't find babysitters because we have lots of family and we have some girls in the neighborhood that would be happy to watch/play with Logan. We just don't go on dates.

Last night we actually went out on a date. Sure, it was just dinner and a movie but that is usually a lot more than what we usually do for dates. My mom came over and watched Logan while Kristy and I went and caught the cheaper 5:00 Iron Man 2 showing.

The Black Widow was so freaking awesome!

Kristy and I really enjoyed the first Iron Man (which sadly enough may have been the last movie we saw together on a date) and we really liked this second installment. Being a comic book fan, I totally geeked out in a couple of moments. Seeing War Machine shoot down all those robots, the Black Widow taking out all those guys, Nick Fury meeting with Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative, the ending after the credits that really get me excited for the next Marvel movie.

After we got out of the movie we couldn't decide where to eat and we wound up at the Coppermill. I keep forgetting what a great place that is to eat. I have never been disappointed going there. I ordered the Chicken Theodore, which is a fried breaded chicken breast, topped with crab meat, asparagus and smothered in cheese and hollandaise sauce. I LOVE hollandaise sauce. I got the rice pilaf with it. It also came with a salad bar and that was awesome. Kristy and I were good too, we only ate half of our food and saved the rest for later. Of course we were pretty full already from the salad bar. After that we walked over to the Bluebird restaurant and picked up some chocolates for dessert and then came home.

It was a nice evening and hopefully we will go out soon. It will be interesting to see how long it takes us to go out again. Will I be done with the 365 blog? I only have five months left!

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