May 26, 2010

The Shake Date

Day 207

This ranks as one of my favorite things to do on a date. And the first time I did this was the most memorable and only for the ingredients chosen.

My friends and I would get some dates and we would visit the local supermarket and have each of our dates pick out one item that they would be willing to eat or at least try. All the guys would be in on it and we would have the final say in what items our dates chose. We would set up some rules like nothing raw, no condiments and nothing really expensive either.

We sent out the girls and it was fun watching them and seeing what they would pick out. One of the girl's picked out Sugar Cookie Dough. While that is raw, we heartily accepted it. My friend Lared's date chose spaghetti sauce and my date choose sardines.I don't know what was running through these girl's minds but they all said that they would be willing to eat all three. They must have thought that we were going to cook them all up together or something. Boy, were they wrong!

We took them to Charlie's (a local ice cream shop) and gave the girl's that worked there our ingredients and had them make a shake out of each item. Lared and I knew the girls that worked there pretty well so they had no problems in making them into shakes. Our dates were quite surprised that they were made into shakes and that they were going to eat them. Now they all promised that they would try them and to give our dates credit they did eat the shakes. We tried each shake so one couple was not stuck with one particular flavor.

Obviously the cookie dough shake was the best but surprisingly the spaghetti sauce one was the worst. It totally took the taste of the spaghetti sauce and it was like eating real cold spaghetti sauce plain. And the chunks in the sauce (which became frozen) were horrible to consume. The sardine shake was not fantastic but it was not that bad. You just had to be smart while eating it. All you had to do was to avoid the chunks of sardine and eat the ice cream. But the chunks were pretty horrible.

Lared announced that we should "man up" and finish all the shakes. The cookie dough one was the first to be taken and I didn't want to be stuck with the spaghetti one so I grabbed the sardine one. Lared and I looked at each other and took a deep breath and downed the shakes. Mine was really not all that bad until I got to the bottom. I looked down the cup while shoveling the ice cream down and saw yellow sardine oil and I about lost it. But I finished it anyway much to the laughter of everyone else. Lared couldn't even finish his shake.

And it shouldn't come to any surprise that I didn't kiss my date at the end. I am sure I had some major sardine breath. But these were the types of dates that Lared and I planned. We would always try to do something a little different and memorable. We did this date at least twice more after this one but sardines and spaghetti sauce will never be chosen again.


I am on Day 2 of my Chocolate Milk Diet. Yesterday I drank a cup before I went to work and then when I came home I drank another one and headed out for my run around the temple. Surprisingly, I did feel like I had more energy than usual. And I ran a little longer than normal and felt pretty good too. And I was surprised that downing my third 8 ounce glass of chocolate milk right after my workout was not that bad.

Today was another story. I did the same thing only I ran a couple of blocks longer than usual. Instead of walking home, I ran most of the way home which is quite the difference and I still have some energy. And the chocolate milk went down nice and easy. I am looking forward to seeing how much I improve in the next 2 weeks.

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  1. What a fantastic idea for a date! Although now I have completely lost my appetite for a shake...ulp, I may have just thrown up in my mouth a little!