May 10, 2010

From the Soap Box: Condescending People

Day 191

I had an experience the other day that really irritated me. I was at church going into a Sunday School class and recently I have found the whole classroom experience to be difficult. I am not the type of person that participates, I am the type of person that likes to sit and listen and learn that way. And if I have something to share, I will but that is not the norm. The teacher of this class likes a lot of participation to the point where it seems like she demands it. It is like there is an unwritten rule that says "if you are in my class you HAVE to participate."  Not a fan of that.

Luckily for the last couple of weeks I have been able to handle it. But yesterday I just couldn't take it. Before the class even began she looked around and began to ask people if they brought in their scriptures and if they didn't she would send someone to go get some. I don't mind that she asked but what I did mind was the way she was asking. She was asking over and over and began to ask people personally if they had their scriptures with them. Then she asked if the class would sit closer in the center so it would help her teach her lesson. I said "No, I'm good here." and she made it a BIG deal that everyone should sit in the center. It is not like I am in a lecture hall or anything. I am in a normal sized classroom.

So I got up and instead of sitting in the middle, I left instead.

I know, real mature of me to just get up and leave right? But it is my choice that I am attending that class. I am there to learn and not to be bossed around like I am some sort of child. I am an adult. I will act like an adult in the class. Does it really matter where I sit? And does it really assist you in teaching if I am sitting in one seat over another? Next time I am very tempted to ask the teacher if I can have a sticker next week because I am sitting in the middle.

That just makes me want to scream!

That is a HUGE pet peeve to me. Don't treat me like a child. I know what is expected of me and I can be trusted to handle myself. I understand that she just wants to have a good class but she is going about it the wrong way.

This was a big reason why I left my last job too. Only it was several people that took it upon themselves to be my parents.

If you want me to act like a child I can do that. But if you want me to respect you than treat me like you would yourself. Don't be condescending to me and to others. That is a sign of disrespect.


  1. I agree with what you're saying. Who cares? Pick your battles people. I also think that a lot of kids that "act out" feel the same way but don't have the power to just walk out. I hope you do a follow-up post next week.

  2. Bravo!! I totally agree with you! I've had plenty of experience teaching in Sunday School and I have never made the entire class participate, nor have I singled people out for not having scriptures. And as for the whole "Romper Room-let's-get-in-a-circle-kiddies" nonsense, I applaud you for getting up and leaving!

  3. Way to go; I love that you just left. That's voting with your feet.

  4. Thanks folks! There is more to the story than this too.

    They are doing a Family History class next month. I think I will join that class instead. We'll see how it goes.