May 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Day 205

I feel like I am still a little hungover from the weekend. I didn't sleep all that much and I had a huge head-busting headache. Must be all the driving, NOT sleeping in my own bed, almost five hours of Lost and the late nights.

But it was all worth it.

Saturday my family and I drove down to Salt Lake to visit family. We left about 3 in the afternoon and headed down. Traffic was good and we made good time. We originally were going to head to a birthday party for Kristy's cousins kid. But we looked at the clock and we were making real good time, I must have had a lead foot coming down. We knew Kristy's mom was waiting for us so we decided to do the dreaded drop-in and stop by Steven and Andrea's house. I hate popping over unexpectedly to people's homes especially since I absolutely hate it when it is done to me. But this was a special circumstance, we needed to use a phone to call mom and Steven's was the closest home. So we dropped in and woke them all up from a family nap. Oops, sorry guys.

But it was a nice visit. They were nice enough to let us in so we could call mom and we had a nice chat. Addy wasn't much of a fan with us visiting. She cried when she saw us (twice!) and finally came in to watch some TV while we chatted. Only she put her hand over her face so she couldn't see us. It was pretty cute.

Then we took off to the birthday party. And it was nice to catch up with Kristy's family. Mom and Dad were already there. Kristy's extended family is great. I chatted with Aunt Cindy for about twenty minutes and I was amazed about how much she remembered stuff about me. She asked about me and my dad's business and how my parents were doing. It was a nice visit with family and we took off down to mom's to pick up some stuff before we headed over to Renae and Gregg's house. Thanks guys for letting my family stay over.

We played games with them and Steven and Andrea's family that night and I must say that I kicked some major butt. I guess I am a fountain of useless knowledge.

Here is Ty in his cute little blessing outfit that Kristy's mom made for him. I love the little cumberbun.

The next day we awoke early to go to Ty's baby blessing. For those that do now know, in the LDS faith we have the opportunity to bless our infants. We take the baby in our arms and we bless the baby and officially name the baby. After the blessing we retreated back to Renae's home and had a nice brunch with family. And we spend the afternoon in the beautiful sunshine chatting with family and playing with the kids.

Addy was not sad to see us today. She even let me play with her without hiding her face.

I am not as old as I look. I can still slam a little Loganball.

After a quick stop back at mom's we raced home to be back so we could watch Lost. We were all very tired so Kristy went upstairs to take a quick nap and I blogged. After I blogged, I was going to take a nap on the couch and Logan was lying on the couch looking so sad. So I asked him if he would read to me and he quickly got a Dr. Seuss book and read me asleep. He finished and instead of getting another book he he said he would rather snuggle and then promptly fell asleep. He claimed that he was not tired but obviously he was lying.

Kristy snuck a picture of us sleeping. Logan didn't even twitch when the flash went off.

We woke up and ate some cereal for dinner and then Kristy and I put him to bed early and prepared to watch Lost.

And it was bittersweet and absolutely what I wanted in an ending. Something uplifting and open to interpretation. I'll have to blog about it later.

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