May 11, 2010

Did I Scare You?

Day 192

One of my favorite past times is scaring the holy hell out of people. I don't know why I love to do it but I must have learned it early on in my life. I used to love to scare my dad and my sister Jennifer a lot. I will have to blog about the time I scared my sister really good.

Just the other night I was in the computer room working and Kristy was about to go to bed. I had to go to the bathroom so I thought I better get upstairs before she did. She was still downstairs and I knew that if I ran full speed into the living room it would frighten her. And sure enough, I took off from the computer and ran right past her and it did scare her. She even lifted her leg up like they do in those cartoons.

Impromptu scares are the greatest. But sometimes if you do a little planning you can come up with a fantastic frightfest! I remember one time fondly where I totally scared the crap out of my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Raelene.

It was Thanksgiving weekend and Kristy and I were staying at Kristy's mom's house. We were flying out to Arizona to see the New York Jets play (that will be another blog post later) and we were just hanging around. Eric's girlfriend came over and they planned on watching a movie in his room. They invited me to watch the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I decided to watch it along with them. It got pretty hot in his room so Eric opened his window and I saw an opportunity.

I embarrassingly asked if they could pause the movie so I could use the bathroom. They did and I left the bedroom and ran into Kristy. I quickly told her to go into the bathroom and turn and make some noises. While she did that I slipped outside and ran into the backyard. I started to giggle as I was about to jump up into the window. I took a deep breath and composed myself and hopped up and struck the window with my hand and screamed.

And then I heard a horrible scream and I knew I scared the crap out of Raelene. It was one of those screams that you hear in those types of movies. I hurried back inside just as Kristy was flushing the toilet. I walked back into the bedroom acting like nothing happened. I asked why she was screaming and I got slugged hard in my arm.

But it was so worth it.

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  1. Hey! Remember the time I scared you in the computer room?