May 14, 2010

List-Mania: Totally Awesome 80's Songs

Day 195

I grew up as a child in the best decade ever being the 80's. It was then that I formed my own personality and my own tastes. Even before I entered the 80's decade I loved music and was raised on a plethora of different styles of music and I have my parents to thank for that.

The first tape (yes, a cassette tape, I was modern for my age) was the self-titled Honeymoon Suite tape and I remember playing that tape over and over again.

The '80s had it all. Whatever style of music you liked, there was something for you. Listening to 80's music is therapeutic to me too. It takes me back to my childhood and those good times. I even have TimeLife's full Sounds of the Eighties collection. All 30 of them!

It is hard to pick which songs of the '80s were my favorites so I decided to let my iPod decide it. I looked into my Cheesy 80's playlist and sorted them by how many times I have played them. I didn't include any Queen or U2 since I already covered them in a separate List-Mania. I am sure that I am missing some songs but I think generally my iPod nailed it.

These songs ARE the 80's to me.

5) In Your Room -The Bangles

I admit that I liked the Bangles a lot because I was crushing on Susanna Hoffs. Time hasn't changed a thing. I still dig Susanna Hoffs and listen to the Bangles a ton. She also has a project with Matthew Sweet called Under the Covers where they cover old 60's and 70's songs. Excellent stuff. This is my favorite song of theirs, just a catchy, cheesy pop song. Which is exactly what the 80's were.

4) U Got the Look - Prince

My sister was more into Prince than I was but I admit these was something intriguing to his music. This song he teams with Sheena Easton is perfect dance/rock song.

3) Overkill - Men at Work

I love Men at Work. I remember driving to the United States from Canada for summer vacation and w would listen to Business as Usual until the tape wore out. They had such a unique sound, something I have never heard again. This song came from their second album "Cargo" and it was a departure from their normally happy pop music. If you like this song you should check out Colin Hay's acoustic version. Much more haunting and intimate.

2) Summer Rain - Belinda Carlisle

I am sensing another trend here. Three of my top 5 songs have some girl that I crushed on. Belinda Carlisle really nails this song. This song strikes a chord for those people out there who have had to say good-bye to someone they love never to see them again. It is just a beautiful song, I love it when pop/rock songs incorporate strings.

1) One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head

Does this surprise anyone? Decades before I was part of the musical Chess I loved this song. It was something unique and nothing like anything else playing. I had no idea at the time that it was part of a concept album that later turned into a musical. After my LDS mission I began to listen to a lot of musical stuff and I picked this one up and I am glad I did.

New Girl Now - Honeymoon Suite

I loved this song and I still do. Sure it is cheesy but that doesn't change anything. I still love it.

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  1. Radical post!! It was totally awesome to the max!! Fer sure!! Love your list of songs ("Overkill" is one of my all time favorites!), and I was especially pleased that you included "U Got The Look" because I remember when you and I lip synched to that in Grandpa and Grandma's basement! Great memory!