Aug 28, 2010

A 4-Wheeling We Will Go...

Day 301

This morning we all got up early to go pick up our Bountiful Basket full of fresh veggies and fruit (mmm... champagne grapes) and then headed over to my sister's house to go 4-wheeling with them.

Now I have been 4-wheeling before. The only experience that I have had on vehicles like that was when I tried (and failed miserably) to ride my neighbor's Mountaineer. If I recall that correctly, I ran straight into their wheelbarrow and struck it (knocking the wheel clean off) and then I rode it up a tree before I hopped off to safety.

So I was a little leery in taking the 4-wheeler out. But then if my sister could drive one, I could also.

Kristy and I had a lot of fun. We drove up Logan Canyon and went to Franklin Basin and started the trek there. We went about 7-8 miles (taking about an hour) going up the mountain and it was beautiful. The weather was fantastic, it was not hot or cold, it was just perfect. I drove the whole way up and I will admit that there were some areas that were a little tricky to go up. I kept thinking that I was driving a car and that I was going to bottom out any moment. After the first few miles, it was easy city.

Jennifer and Justin rode ahead of us and Jennifer looked back and suddenly asked "You okay? Are you pissed?" I guess I had a real concerned look on my face. I was not angry at all, I was just trying to concentrate on driving up those huge rocks and bumps. We finally got to the top of the mountain and we got out and hiked a little. Then we came down the mountain. And that is when the hail hit.

What the hail?

Yeah, hail. It rained and hailed on us and it was cold! And we were soaked. Kristy did her best to try to cover us but it all came down so quickly that it didn't take long at all to drench us. After a few minutes it let up and then Kristy and I pulled over and I let her take the wheel.

I think I like going downhill better than uphill. Maybe it was because I was not concerned about the rocks and bumps since I was racing down the mountain because I was so cold! But then the sun came out and we all dried off quickly. Kristy did a great job driving down the mountain and we made it down in half the time it took to go up.

We got back to the truck and then headed back to Jennifer's place. And then we finished the afternoon off by eating some tasty food from Coasta Vida! So all in all, we had a very enjoyable day and I would definitely go 4-wheeling again.


  1. Awesome pictures! Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. You are a very brave man to do that! I'm glad that you and Kristy had such a good time, even with the hail! Thanks for sharing the cool pictures!

  3. Looks like fun--except for the rain and hail!

    So I noticed our numbering was different again. I looked back on both our missed day 288.