Aug 29, 2010

Mission Memoirs: The Subway Ride Home

Day 302*

I still find it difficult to imagine that the World Trade Centers are gone. I was fortunate enough to visit the World Trade Centers before they were cowardly destroyed. I remember that day like it was just yesterday.

Dec 22nd 1993

Manhattan Day! Every three months we are allowed on a P-Day to go out of our mission and go to Manhattan and spend the day. This was my first one and I unfortunately was sick as a dog! But I could not let such a great opportunity pass me by so I forced myself to get my laundry and shopping down so we could run to Manhattan.

It is such a cool place to be! We first went to the World Trade Centers and we spent most of the morning there. It is cool and you are so high in the air. The wind was blowing strong so we did not get the chance to go to the roof and be outside. But it was amazing being up so high and seeing the city below. At the top floor we met Santa Clause and even though I was feeling so horrible, I had to sit on his lap. 

I am not completely sure but I believe that is Queens on the other side of the river.

That is upper Manhatten. You can kinda see the Empire State Building.

Ugh.. I can tell that I don't look so hot.

Elder Moyes in front of the World Trade Centers.

Merry Christmas '93!

Looking down...

I started to feel even worse than before so we stopped in at the Roy Rogers and had lunch. I felt a little bette so we explored the Village in search of this store called Discorama. We finally found it and we bought a couple of very cheap CDs but I could barely keep my head up, I was feeling so sick. We left the store and explored more and we had to stop in the McDonalds so Moyes could use the bathroom. While I was waiting he was nice enough to buy me a Sprite. The Sprite helped a little but as soon as we left McDonalds, I found the first wastebasket and dry-heaved for about ten minutes straight. Moyes must have sensed that I was really sick so we decided to go home.

The subway ride home was awful. We must have waited for what seemed eternity. We finally got on the train and we headed home. It was the middle of rush hour and the train was packed. Usually people will fight for a seat and we as missionaries would give up our seats (if we had them) for other people to sit. This time I was in the mood to fight for a seat. When one opened I quickly jumped for it and sank down feeling terrible. Moyes watched where I was and made sure that I was all right. I was feeling so sick that I was finding it difficult to stay awake. After a couple of stops I must have decided to stop fighting the sleep and I was gone. 

I guess I was really out of it because when I awoke my face was pretty much perched on top of this older ladies's chest who was sitting next to me! It startled me so bad that I jumped up and immediately apologized to her. Moyes was laughing his head off sitting across from me. The lady looked at me and said that I looked very sick and she did not want to disturb me when it looked like I was comfy! I am glad that there are real nice people out there! I do not know what I would have done if I were in her place. I was so embarrassed! We got home and I fell asleep right away.

Even today, many years after that happened, I still blush!

For those that live in the Salt Lake Valley or are familiar with Salt Lake City, this is what it would be like if the World Trade Centers existed in downtown SLC.

One day I will have to blog about 9/11. But not today. I am just thankful that no one I knew was hurt and I am also thankful that I was able to see the World Trade Centers twice. Once on my LDS Mission and the other when I went back to New York City with my friend Joel. I'll have to blog about that later too.

*thanks Andrea for making sure I get my days straight... That's two I owe you  junior!**

**Anyone get that reference? The saying is actually "That's two you owe me junior."


  1. I've never seen them in real life so seeing them compared to SLC's skyline-THEY ARE HUGE. I bet you're glad you saw them when you did. Love the subway story-he he

  2. Those are some truly amazing pictures of the WTC!! I'm so glad that you had the chance to see them (despite being sick) and take these pictures! Funny story about your nap on the subway! Final note: the little reference from the end is what Han says to Luke after rescuing him while on Hoth!

  3. Great pictures. That one of the Trade Centers in SLC really puts those building in perspective!