Aug 13, 2010

List-Mania: Offspring Songs

Day 286

The last couple of blog entries have been long ones and have taken a lot of time to put together and post and I think I need a break. I have not done a List-Mania blog for awhile and thought of a quick and fun one to do.

I discovered the band Offspring while on my LDS mission in New York. Yeah, I know, that doesn't sound right but it is true. When I served in Jamaica, Queens our neighbor used to blast his radio very loud while he was at work. When my companion and I would come home for lunch we could hear the radio very clearly. We could hear the music and the DJ ramble and I heard a song that was quite catchy and it was not hard to figure out who they were. A couple of weeks later on my P-Day, Elder Powell and I were in a record shop and I found the CD Smash. It was on sale so I  bought it and sent it home. Music in New York was very cheap, I could usually find CDs for less than ten bucks.

Offspring had such a different sound than any of the other bands that I was listening too. Not only do they have catchy tunes they also infuse clever lyrics into their songs. Some of them are silly, some of them are funny, some of them are political and some of them speak out about society. I have bought every Offspring album since and they are a band that I would love to see in person. Not only do I really like their music, the artwork for their albums capture their essence. Here are my Top 5 Offspring songs.

NOTE: For some reason the brilliant people at Sony Music have taken all official Offspring videos off of YouTube and also from Offspring's official website.

5) Self Esteem

The song that started it all. I love the edgy feel of this song and that is what first caught my attention. But then I listened to the lyrics and found them to be unique. They were funny, sad, crude, and told an interesting story. I was hooked.

4) Hit That

Another catchy song with some interesting lyrics about youth pregnancy.

3) Gone Away

Hey! An original video! When I get down in the dumps I like to listen to this song. It projects just enough anguish and anger. After singing along, I find myself in a better mood. And I know this song on my bass!

2) Half Truism

This is the opening track of their latest album and I knew that this would be one of my favorite Offspring song after one listen. I just really dig the lyrics. My favorite being "the banner you're waving is burning and red, it's blocking the sunlight that shines overhead, you against the world, diamonds and pearls, voices inside you churn, watch the city burn."

1) Special Delivery

This song takes me back to when I worked for UPS. The song deals with obsessiveness and how relationships could turn dangerous when one spurs the other. I just think it is a catchy tune and I often listen to this song while running. It gets me into a higher gear.


  1. Cool post! I like learning about other people's favorite music, learning about their tastes and interests.

  2. I have GOT to listen to these songs ... the kids computer doesn't have speakers so I'll have to check it out when Karen lets me back on our computer! :)

    BTW ... I discovered LOTS of different music while I was erving in LA but it is weird to say that about your missionary days. :)