Aug 2, 2010

Random Ramblings

Day 275

My cousin Jaimee made a comment on my blog that really excited me.

Jaimee said...
Didn't you start November 1st? Then you should just have three months left... August, September, October!! Because I started a month after you and I have four months left! :)

Obviously I cannot count. But math has never been my strong suit so it comes as no surprise. I am pretty excited that I have only three months left. I still have not decided if I want to continue daily blogging. More than likely I will continue to do so even though I might not do it daily. I might skip Sundays especially with football coming up and it seems like my Sundays are steadily filling up with meetings and Church stuff.

I do think that a major celebration is in store for when myself and my fellow bloggers have finished this year-long trek. We should all try to meet up in person and celebrate by going out to dinner with everyone. And if we do it before our blogs officially end, we will have something to blog about. ;)

But for an end there is always a beginning. My cousin Josh has joined the blogging ranks.

Speaking of cousins... my Aunt Margo just sent me this picture. From left to right: Angie, fellow blogger and sister Jennifer, Kati Jo, Wyatt, Misty, Blake, Me and Johnny and fellow bloggers and cousins Josh and Jeremy

I would like to give Josh's funny blog a shout out! You can follow The Original JC by making with the clicky on the link. Glad to have you aboard Josh!

Out of curiosity, I quickly scanned every one's blogs (I checked the blog links on the side of your blogs) and it looks like (unofficially) there are 22 fellow bloggers that have taken the challenge. Some have stopped, some have only done a few entries but at least they tried. Maybe at the end of my blog I will figure out officially how many people are blogging.

It looks like my wish has unfortunately come true. Our camera bit the dust. Kristy tried to use it yesterday and it just wouldn't turn back on. So we are camera shopping tonight. I have one in mind, we are going to BestBuy to test it out and then I will order it from Amazon since they have it $20 cheaper. I am looking forward to having a new camera to play around with. It is not a real fancy camera but it will be quite a step above our current one.

Kristy washing cherries and Logan pitting them

Logan being a ham

Saturday, Kristy and Logan and I spent a few hours canning some cherries. We found a fantastic deal (24 pounds for $26) and they were the good sweet Bing cherries. We kept a bag to eat and we canned the rest. It didn't take too long since all of us were helping but my palm is sore. We borrowed our neighbor's depitter and I spent hours ramming the pits out of the cherries.

The final product. I think they look pretty.

We did 14 bottles worth for our food storage. Canning season has begun. We have beets and beans coming up shortly. We managed to snag some pics of our cherries before the camera died. Hopefully I won't need it until I get a new one.


  1. AWESOME!! So glad I could make your day about having one less month to go... it's like if you're pregnant and they move your due date up!! woo-hoo!! I totally agree with having a 365 blogger dinner... how about you come this way and we'll make a party out of it?!?! :P

  2. On another note... don't you think that the picture of the cousins looks like Angie might be holding a baby?!?! Like, maybe ME?!?! Not sure- totally speculating but looking at how old Misty was in this picture I should have been around! :P

  3. I'm totally on board for having a special celebratory dinner for the members of the "365 Days bloggers"! Let's do it!

  4. You do mean everyone, right?

  5. We have more people out here, so you Colorado people will have to come here. ;)

    And I say anyone that is blogging should come to the party!