Aug 7, 2010

The Journals

Day 280

As I have mentioned before, I am very jealous impressed with my cousin Jeremy's drive to write in his journal. That was perhaps the biggest motivations for me to start this blog and to keep it going past the 365 mark.

I have never kept a steady journal except for my two year LDS mission to New York. I had a small Garfield journal that I kept for about two weeks in total that I still have. I still look through all these journals and I am happy that I kept some sort of journal. 

I got my first journal for Christmas from Santa Claus and I wrote some things in it that I would like to share.

Dec 23rd 1982
Today is the day I did it. I made it up which girlfriend I want. I want Tammy R + Carmen. I like Carmen better.
(*sigh* young love...)

Jan 8th 1983
Today I quit with Carmen. She is dumb very. I would like to have Tammy R.
(that didn't last too long... at least I am the one that broke it off with her)

June 22nd 1983
I love Olivia Newton John. I got her poster and tape. I can't wait for her to love me. She's cute, very cute.
(Okay... I didn't have her poster. I just took out the cover to the tape and hung it up on my wall next to a Star Wars card of Princess Leia. I still like Olivia Newton John)

(Yup... that's the one. I think I still have that tape lying around somewhere. Or hanging up somewhere...)

July 9th, 1983
This morning my sister's hamster died at 1:00AM. The hamster's name was Midnite. I cried. My dad held Midnite and put him under the bed. We are going to bury him (in the) backyard.
(I remember this pretty clearly. We did bury him in the backyard in our garden. My dad had him in a shoebox. Jennifer didn't want to cry because she had just put on her makeup. I tried to be strong and not cry so Jennifer wouldn't but I did anyway. My dad said a prayer and we buried him)

This was my next journal. My sister got it for me when I left for my mission and I am so glad that she did. I wrote daily the whole time I was on my mission. This was the first volume.

This was the last journal I wrote in. My second volume of my time spent in New York.

I am thankful for the many examples I have in my life that are writing in their journals and are doing a blog. I know that these writings will be valuable for our family and posterity.


  1. Loved this... thanks for sharing! It's so funny to read our youthful thoughts, huh? Awesome! You have been a great example as well!!

  2. Awwww, what a sweet post. I would cry but... I just put my make-up on! :) Love you.

  3. Thanks for the shout out there! I really enjoyed reading your journal entries from '82 and '83. Olivia Newton-John...she's still hot!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sadly I have not kept any of the journals I started (two days in and then my ADD kept me from ever visiting them again ... even my mission journal only lasted about two months).

    Thank goodness for Blogging! :)