Aug 31, 2010

From the Soapbox: Shaving Sucks

Day 304
"I have a sad story to tell you
It may hurt your feelings a bit
Last night when I walked into my bathroom
I stepped in a big pile of ...shhhhh . . . aving cream,
be nice and clean. . . .
Shave ev'ry day and you'll always look keen."
I love that old song.

I remember back in my early twenties when I shaved once a week. Oh, I wish I could relive those days because I hate shaving and I could shave almost everyday now.

That is why most of the time I am sporting some sort of goatee or facial hair because shaving my chin and neck is the absolute worst. I can never get a smooth shave on my chin and I can never get a smooth shave on my neck. No matter what the blade, I always get razor burn on my neck because my beard thinks it would be a good idea to grow out sideways. Maybe my beard is under a magnetic pull of some kind.

But the funny thing is that I do find it therapeutic to shave. Whenever I have a stressful day, I like to shave. You would think that would be the last thing you should do, holding a sharp blade to your throat after a stressful day but for some strange and sick reason, I like it.

Yeah, I still think I would get a shave from Johnny Depp.

If only I could get a good shave. One of these days I am going to get a professional shave at a barber shop, where they use those Sweeney Todd-like blades and they put the hot towel on your face. Perhaps a little splash of Bay Rum too.

I would be tempted to sing some Sweeney Todd if I got a shave like.


  1. Too true my friend! I hate shaving and can NEVER get a good smooth shave around my neck or chin. It feels like that early Simpsons episode where Homer teaches Bart to chave and right after they are done "pop" ... there's Homer with 5 o'clock shadow.

    I remember being so desperate in wanting to shave when I was a teenager ... now I am seriously considering laser removal. :)

  2. If shaving is unpleasant or uncomfortable, something is wrong. I have a whole bunch of 'how to shave' videos on youtube and my blog. Give traditional wetshaving a try; it will make that "theraputic" experience much more enjoyable!

  3. Shaving really does suck! I remember I was so excited when I started shaving at I wonder why I was in such a hurry to shave! I can't shave with a blade because my skin is so sensitive to shaving cream, so I just use the electric shaver and buzz the crap out of my face!

  4. I think that may be the biggest key. I never was taught how to shave, I just picked up a razor and some cream and went to town. I appreciate the comments mantic59, I will have to check your tips out.