Aug 12, 2010

Upon Further Review: AFC East

Day 285

I know, I know. Last week I said that I was going to cover the NFC East but I have something to get off my chest and it cannot wait another week. I'll be honest here, I don't know if I am more disappointed or more angry. If you notice, I made a significant change to my graphic and it has everything to do with my column. I have removed Darrel Revis from my graphic and replaced them with dollar signs because I am majorly disappointed in his recent actions.

He is holding out, meaning he is not showing up to do his job because he disagrees with his current contract. I understand that he has "outplayed" his current contract. He is perhaps the best corner in the NFL and should be paid his worth. But he still has 3 YEARS LEFT on his current contract! He is UNDER CONTRACT to play football for the New York Jets. I wish I could just decide not to show up at my job and stay home because I want more money! I would get fired on the spot if I essentially gave up. He wants a ludicrous amount of money and the Jets are just not going to pay that amount. It is not the Jets fault that the Oakland Raiders set that ridiculous precedent by paying one of their players that much. I also understand that he wants financial security, I get that, I want that too. But sitting out and not doing what you have been contracted to do is showing the Jets and their fans that all you want is the money. Some players hold out so they can be traded to a better team for a chance at the SuperBowl. That certainly is not the case here since the Jets were a game away from the big game. Obviously Revis, you don't care about the team, you don't care about winning, you care about the money.

Now let me contrast that with another Jets player, Center Nick Mangold. He also wants a new contract and has outplayed his current contract. But he is in camp and is helping his team practice and learn to become a cohesive unit. Does that sound like a player who wants to win or wants money? I think I can easily tell who is being the classy player here.

Revis is risking quite a bit by being stubborn and selfish. He will lose a year of free agency and will be fined a ton of money. He won't play and the Jets will still OWN him for another year. If that is what he chooses, I don't want him on my team. I hope the Jets reward Mangold for his handling of the contract and trade Revis to another team.

I like Revis and I respect his abilities. But I have lost a lot of respect for the person. Money talks and bullcrap walks. I say let him stay home. He signed on the dotted line, let him watch the season and feed his ego by playing himself in Madden 2011 from his huge house and big screen TV. Okay, I don't know if he owns either of those but so far he can afford almost $150,000 in fines for not showing up to work so I am sure he has enough money as it is.

Honor your contract. The rookie contract that you held out for once already!


1) New York Jets

What I Like:
The Jets have amassed an insane amount of talent. The Jets organization was extremely smart in taking another corner in the 1st round of the draft and adding him to an already-tough defense. Bringing in WR Santonio Holmes was a great move and gives QB Sanchez another huge weapon. I also believe that RB LaDainian Thomlison has some gas left in the tank. I look for him to have more yards receiving than running. I am not worried about their defense at all and the Jets already look much more improved on the offensive side of the ball.

What I Don't Like:
It seems like every time a team loads up with free agents they fall on their face. A lot of new personalities could clash and cause headaches in the locker room. I also fear that the Jets won't beat the teams they should. They are brash and cocky and I fear it might go to their heads. I also am concerned with QB Mark Sanchez. I do believe he has the skills and the talent along with the confidence to be a great quarterback in this league. But last season he seemed to take losses hard and it showed. I hope that he faces adversity with a better attitude. And I am sure the Jets will miss Revis but they will win without him. I am also a bit concerned about the kicking situation. I am not sure if kicker Nick Folk will return to Pro Bowl form. I also still don't like seeing Jason Taylor on the Jets. But I will cheer loudly when he tallies a sack.

2) New England Patriots

What I Like:
Tom Brady and Bill Bellichik. As long as they have those two leading the team, you cannot count them out. I do believe that they are a team on the decline but that doesn't make them any less dangerous and they will go down fighting. The Patriots smart defense will keep them in games and it looks like WR Wes Welker will be on the field along with WR Randy Moss.

What I Don't Like:
The Patriots running game is old and I don't know how much juice they could squeeze out of the players they have. The Patriots are known for getting the best out of players but it will catch up to them. With the Jets and Dolphins making major moves this offseason it looks like the Pats are going to be passed. Maybe not this year but they will soon if they don't address the holes they have. I am also concerned on how they handle getting back on the field. The last time they were there, they got their rear ends handed to them in a major way. And that sting might stay around for awhile.

3) Miami Dolphins

What I Like:
The Dolphins made a big upgrade in bringing WR Brandon Marshall in and that will help the passing game quite a bit. As long as Marshall behaves that is. It will be interesting to see what happens when he crosses Parcells. The Dolphins also have a great running game and that pesky Wildcat formation will be around again. I really like the attitude of this team and they are heading in the right direction.

What I Don't Like:
I just don't buy into the hype. Well, not yet anyway. I do believe that they will be much better than last year but I don't see them making the leap into the playoffs just yet. They are only a year or two from being playoff contenders but I only see them as potential spoilers for other playoff teams. They will keep the AFC East division interesting but they need players to take that next step. Remember they only won 7 games last year and 2 of those were against the Jets and they won those two games with special teams. And that special team player is playing elsewhere. Give them time but now is not their time.

4) Buffalo Bills

What I Like:
There is not much to like about the Bills except for their running game. Don't look past them, they will not be the worst team in the NFL. They have a good running game and have three running backs that could dominate. Each running back has a different style and opposing defenses will be hard-pressed to slow them down. The hiring of HC Chan Gailey will help this team but the team needs some good players to actually make the coach's battle plans work.

What I Don't Like:
Unfortunately because the passing game of the Bills is so weak, defenses will concentrate on stopping the run daring the Bills to pass. The Bills have a golden opportunity to change up the QB position but instead they will go with what they have. The Bills will be competitive but just don't have all the tools to make a playoff run. Both the offensive and defensive lines need some major work.

NEXT WEEK: I make fun of McNabb when I talk about overtime and I will finally go over the NFC East and halfway through my predictions which means only 6 weeks until opening day!


  1. Funny. Steve was saying something similar to what you said about Revis just the other day...

  2. Good luck with B Marsh ... just 'cause you hold the record for most receptions in a game doesn't make you a true "great" receiver. I'll take young guys who want to work hard and not just rely on their natural talent ANY DAY! Good assessment cuz!