Aug 23, 2010

From the Soapbox: Water Puddles

Day 296

In Canada, it is a sign of disrespect if you are welcomed into a home and you don't take of your shoes. I love this unspoken rule and wish this was a rule here.

I cannot stand it when people come into my home and don't take off their shoes. I am more sympathetic and understanding during the summer months but I absolutely hate it when it happens during the winter months.

Aside from the fact that it tracks in dirt and dirties the carpet nothing makes me want (and usually succeeds) to curse a blue streak than by stepping in a cold puddle of melted snow and ice in my socks.


Every time I enter into someones home I always offer to take my shoes off and I would at least like that consideration offered in return. You would think that was at least common sense in the winter months. I live inside a house so I can keep what is outside outside.
There is a mat by the door on purpose. Please make use of it.


  1. I totally agree (or I would if we had carpet worth keeping clean). But I am more upset that homes don't really get built aymore with a sufficient sized entryway for removing shoes. Our new house is better but our rental property has a 3x4 foot space for entry into the home. So even the good people cannot easily show this simple respect.

    Also, why don't they build more dual-door entries into homes? You know the outside door leads into the shoe/coat removal area and then another door allows you into the home. It would keep out the snow and rain, as well as anyone who hasn't removed their dirty shoes.

  2. Right on, man!! You make a perfectly valid and reasonable point here, and I promise to take my shoes off anytime I visit your home! You've got this in writing now, so you can always lord this over me :)