Aug 14, 2010

Saturday Night is Alright for Blogging

Day 287

We just got back into town from the annual Breinholt Family Reunion and I am dead tired and in no mood to blog about it. I will blog about the fun party tomorrow.  But I am happy to report that our new addition to our family was worth the money. Our new camera is fantastic! And I didn't drop it into the pool!

I took my camera over to work (my dad's) to show it off and my dad took this picture:

This is where I spend my mornings hard at work. I hid all the soda and cards behind the computer.


  1. Here's a comment that is in ENGLISH!! :)
    Love the picture of you hard at work! I'm glad you have a new camera and I hope it is waterproof (joke)!

  2. I had to delete two comments from my Asian porn friends... what is up with that?