Aug 15, 2010

The Breinholt Family Reunion 2010

Day 288

Yesterday was the annual Breinholt Family Reunion! It was held at some lady's house where there was a nice swimming pool and hot tub and beautiful yard to play around in. I am not sure how we know this lady but we are all grateful that we could play there. And I got to try out some new features on my camera!

We first decided to eat those large Blimpie sandwiches and then swim. My brother-in-law Gregg decided to eat away from the rest of the family since he likes to picnic buck naked.*

*dramatization, may not have happened

Logan loved to jump off the diving board. Here he is showing how to do a tornado dive by spinning around.

Logan also liked squirting people with the gun, just as much as Grandpa Breinholt did.

I am not a huge water fan. I was scared of the water when I was a kid. Now I am more comfortable in the water but diving and stuff like that I still won't try. The advantage of that is I get to spend time with my cute little nieces and play with them. Addy (pictured here) was fun to watch and play with. She would smile and laugh when I would bring a toy in from the water. But when she saw her dad get on the diving board she would cover her face. I wish I had a picture of that.

Kristy flipping out. Actual flipping, not like my niece Cassie flipping out when she saw that huge grasshopper.


The In-Law corner. At every family reunion the usual gang of in-laws sit together and watch. Mom is spying on us.

There also was a slam dunk contest. Logan looks like Air Jordan here.

That's me in the middle just floating around. As soon as all the diving was finished I hopped in to do some floating and swimming.

The water must have had too much chemicals in it. It made my nephew Ryan's hair all blue/green. Breanna next to him also had some blue/green highlights.

Grandpa Breinholt also got some highlights. The picture doesn't do it justice. It looked like dad's chest was all moldy.

Kristy's hair also turned a shade of blue/green making her cry. Actually she was just rubbing her eyes when I snapped this pic. Rubbing her eyes because she was crying.

This is the eleventh attempt Cassie was making trying to sit on the tube. It was hilarious watching her try the first ten times. She finally got steady enough and then she looked up and saw Kristy taking a pic and of course lost her balance.

At least my hair didn't turn green. But then I don't have hair.

We had a great time (as always) at the reunion. I have said it before and I will say it again. I am extremely lucky and blessed to have such a great set of in-laws. I am proud to be an in-law member of the Breinholt Clan.

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  1. Sounds like it was a fun family reunion! You and Kristy are still such a cute couple! As for the hair turning green, there is definitely something to be said for people like us (who are "hair challenged!") least we don't have to worry about chlorine affecting what little hair we have :p