Sep 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Josh!

Day 322

What a lame post yesterday. I did have a lot of fun winning all those games against Eric and there is nothing like racking up 514 rushing yards against him. But I feel like I have reached a low in my roller coaster. I get like this sometimes (it would be interesting to check back on my blog and see if maybe I am cyclic) where I just feel blah.

So today I plan on reading some comics and drinking some Dew. I think it is time to re-read my collection of X-Men comics starting with this huge hardcover.

I think I might be a little nervous for tomorrow too. And surprisingly this has nothing to do with the big Jets/Patriots game that I get to watch (even though that makes a little nervous/excited too) but I am anxious to see what happens at Church tomorrow. I just might get released from my current calling which means I soon might have another calling. Our small little choir is singing tomorrow too and my ace-in-the-hole won't be there to help me get through it. There is this kind lady in the ward that sings tenor with me because we don't have enough guys and she is out of town this weekend. I have this ugly gut feeling that I will be the only tenor there. We have practice here in a few hours and I hope I can catch my parts.

Yesterday was my cousin Josh's birthday and I totally forgot to blog about it. I told myself that I would blog about my fellow blogger's birthdays (no other family members get that privilege embarrassment) and I totally skipped out.

I don't have many pictures of my cousin Josh. But Jeremy sent me this pic while I was on my LDS mission in New York.

Jeremy wrote this on the back. I think it is okay to reveal this now.

It is how I will always remember Josh.

I have many fond memories of my cousin Josh. He was just as into Star Wars as Jeremy and he loved video games. I remember spending hours playing the old Atari basketball game, the Nintendo Ten Yard Fight game and getting so competitive and hating each other.

Ahhh.... good times. We didn't just play video games either, I also remember the highly competitive basketball games in the driveway at Greeley.

Josh also served an LDS Mission around the same time only he was on the West Coast while I took the East Coast. He served in Los Angeles and in the hood.

Like I said, I don't have many pictures of Josh. This was taken at the SLC airport when I flew out to New York. I guess he looks sad since he had to go to the West Coast instead of the East. I guess that makes you Tupac and me Biggie.

Happy Birthday Josh!*

*better late than never right?


  1. OMGosh! I need to destroy that Greeley picture! Ha ha ... love my farmer's tan and toothpick frame.

    And the sad face in the other picture is probably because I was wearing shorts that were WAY too short! Ha ha!

    Thanks for such an awesome post! I forgot about the video games we used to play but I now recall lots of them. I know we used to get so excited with the basketball game that we'd be jumping up and down and eventually knock the Atari to the floor ... which would make the game screen all pixelated so you couldn't tell who had the ball or where you were. Too funny!

    "East coast is better than the West Coast" ... all I gotta say is watch yo' back son! :)

    On a side note ... you can do it! (Singing the tenor part all by your lonesome). I've been there and you will do great, I know it!

    Love ya cousin!

  2. I love the whole "East Coast - West Coast" deal with you and Josh! I know that you will do awesome in your choir number tomorrow - best of luck!! I had forgotten that I sent you that picture of Josh and Jordan, and I love what I wrote on the back!