Sep 1, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Day 305

This last week has been chock full of very simple pleasures.

-Getting out in the great outdoors for some much needed fresh air.

-Teaching Logan some old-school board games

-Out running by the temple and not feeling beat

-Jamming on the bass guitar with fingertips that are no longer sore


-A package of comics in the mail!

-Rain so hard you can hear it

-Another Solar Smile

-Getting an unexpected hug

-Fresh garden veggies and fruits

-Drinking a cold Mountain Dew after Logan goes to bed

-Eating Muddy Buddies and laughing our heads off with Logan watching AFV


  1. Awesome post!! Simple pleasures are the best!!

  2. Ahhhh.... life is good!

  3. To quote a line from a favorite song of mine:
    "Don't you know by now that life is fun!"

    Great post Matt!