Sep 16, 2010

Under Further Review: Taking Stock

Day 320

I love Kick Off weekend. So much football, six games in three days and all of them highly entertaining to watch. I am just getting over my Jets loss and ready for Week 2. I didn't do that well with my Week 1 predictions, I only got 9 out of 16 right but like all the teams that lost in Week 1, this is only the beginning of the season and we (I) can turn things around. I will pat myself on the back for taking RB Arian Foster of the Houston Texans in one of my Fantasy Football drafts.

Speaking of the Texans, how great was that win?

So which NFL team's stock is rising? Which NFL team's stock is falling?

Rising: Houston Texans. Not only did they beat the Colts, they beat up the Colts. They harassed Colts QB Peyton Manning all day and Houston's RB Foster dominated the running game. This is huge win for the Texans. IN order for the Texans to make some noise in the playoffs, they have to beat their rival. It will be an interesting rematch.

Falling: New York Jets. Wow. The Jets game was both impressive and depressing. I am impressed with the Jets defense. They gave the Jet's offense many opportunities to score some points. But the offense was just awful. 74 yards passing? We need to throw the ball deep. The Jets are going to be in trouble if this continues.

Rising: Kansas City Chiefs. Those Chief rookies that played Monday night were fantastic. Like I said before, the AFC West is up for grabs and the Chiefs will make things interesting. The more confidence those rookies get, the better they will play. Now if WR Dwayne Bowe can get moving, these Chiefs will be dangerous.

Falling: Indianapolis Colts. For every winner there is a loser and I am interested to see how the Colts react to this major loss. The loser in the Superbowl always struggles the next year and we can see how that loss has affected the Colts. I wouldn't count them out but you have to think that this loss will affect the mindset of the Colts. When was the last time they lost their first game of the season?

Rising: Washington Redskins. That Redskins defense looked really good and QB McNabb looked sharp in the home opener. Head Coach Mike Shanahan has this team ready to fight.

Falling: Dallas Cowboys. Way to lose the game guys. The yellow flag killed this team and it was only fitting that a defensive holding penalty would end the game. It looks like the pressure got to the Cowboys. Can you imagine what the pressure is like now?

There are some intriguing matchups for Week 2. So let's get right to them!

Pittsburgh at Tennessee:
I feel the Steelers got away with a win last week but I think the Titans will be running on all cylinders. The Titans are at home and are coming off a big win. The Steelers will be tough as always but the Titans will get their second win of the season.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Miami at Minnesota:
Both teams looked lost last week. So it comes down to two things. Home-field advantage and who they lost to last week. Miami barely beat the Bills and the Vikings lost to the Superbowl champion Saints. The Vikings are at home so they have both advantages.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Arizona at Atlanta:
The Falcons let one go last week and they won't this week. I expect a shootout until the Falcons take over the 4th quarter.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore at Cincinnati:
This will be interesting. The Ravens came off a big win against a super tough defense. The Bengals started so slow last week and just couldn't catch the Patriots. What will be interesting is seeing how the Ravens passing defense deals with the Bengals passing offense. I expect the Bengals to do what the Jets couldn't do and pass on the Ravens. This will be an extremely close game with the Ravens pulling a win late with an Anquan Boldin touchdown.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Kansas City at Cleveland:
The Chiefs use their momentum and easily take a win from the hapless Browns.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Chicago at Dallas:
Chicago shouldn't have won last week against the Lions. So that can mean one of two things. The Lions are much, much better this year or the Bears are that awful. While I do think the Lions are better, I think the Bears are just awful. The Cowboys enact a painful vengeance on the Bears.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia at Detroit:
Who would have thought that in Week 2 we would have two teams face each other with the possibility of having two new quarterbacks. Philly looked miserable last week and the Lions were cut short of a victory by the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law. I feel bad for Lions QB Matthew Stafford and I have a gut feeling that the Lions will win one for him.
Winner: Detroit Lions (Steven will be so proud of me)

Buffalo at Green Bay:
This will be a competitive game and much closer than people think but Green Bay will pull away in the 2nd half easily.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Tampa Bay at Carolina:
Carolina looked horrible last week and the Bucs were not that much better looking. I think the Panthers have a little more talent than the Bucs and they are at home.
Winner: Carolina Panthers

Seattle at Denver:
I didn't see Seattle coming last week. They really took it to the 49ers but I am still not convinced they are that good. I am also not convinced Denver is all that good either but Denver is tough at home.
Winner: Denver Broncos

St. Louis at Oakland:
Oh boy. This could be the worst game of the season. The Raiders need a game like this after the beating they took last week. The Rams looked better than I thought even though they lost. I predicted that the Raiders would be much more improved this season and I am sticking to that story.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Houston at Washington:
Two teams that stocks are rising collide. This should be a fascinating game and both teams will want this win. If both teams perform like they did last week it will be a fun game to take in. But I think that the Texans have too much firepower and the Redskins will not be able to catch up.
Winner: Houston Texans

New England at NY Jets:
The Pats rolled last week and the Jets rolled over. If this was at New England, I would pick the Pats without a doubt. (some Jets fan I am right?) The Jets only lost by one point last week and they have a powerful defense that will shut QB Tom Brady down. Only this time the defense scores some much needed points to push the Jets over the top. Barely.
Winner: New York Jets

Jacksonville at San Diego:
The Jaguars looked impressive last week but they have to travel all the way across the country to face a team that got their collective butts handed to them. The Chargers have a history of starting slow and the late loss Monday night will haunt them.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

NY Giants at Indianapolis:
Manning Bowl II. Big brother will not let little brother win. End of story.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Monday Night
New Orleans at San Francisco:
The 49ers looked pathetic last week and a visit from the Saints will not help.
Winner: New Orleans Saints


  1. I enjoy your predictions! It was pretty much football nonstop at our house... Daniel justified getting the NFL ticket again this year! :P

  2. I'll let him know you actually picked the Lions to win one :)