Sep 9, 2010

Upon Further Review: Kickoff and Playoff Predictions

Day 313

I cannot begin to tell you how giddy I am today. We are mere hours away from the new NFL season.

Only 10 more hours! (as of this writing)

And Revis is back! Good ol' Rex Ryan fly down to Florida to get him. Kudos to the entire Jets organization for bringing this boy back from his island. It only cost Revis about $578,000 dollars to hold out but he definitely got a worthy contract. No where near his asking price but good enough to get him on the field. I hope the Ravens try to test Revis early Monday night. It will cost the Ravens big time!

Tonight my mom is coming over and we are having a mini Burger Bar. We are making mini-burgers and a ton of fixings (mushroom and swiss, blue cheese, cheddar) and some new things to try out (hot wing burgers) and some potato wedges. I am looking forward to the eats and oh yeah, there is a game too.

So who will win tonight?

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints:
What a kickoff! Can Brett Favre lead the Vikings and get revenge on their NFC Championship loss? Can the Saints repeat? All I know is that SuperDome will be rocking and put the Saints over the top.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

So now we know how the first game will go. What about the playoffs?


1) Minnesota
2) New Orleans
3) Dallas
4) San Fransisco
5) Green Bay
6) Atlanta


Atlanta over Dallas
Green Bay over San Fransisco


Minnesota over Atlanta
New Orleans over Green Bay


Minnesota over New Orleans

Minnesota uses the home field advantage to its *ahem* advantage and wins with just a few minutes left in the 4th quarter. A ton of lead changes throughout the whole game but it comes down to Brett Favre. Instead of being conservative in taking up the clock and kicking a field goal to take the lead, Favre calls an audible and throws a zinger to another unknown receiver to take the lead for good.


1) Colts
2) Baltimore
3) NY Jets
4) San Diego
5) Houston
6) New England

Houston over San Diego
New York over New England

New York over Indianapolis
Baltimore over Houston


New York over Baltimore

The Ravens lead for much of the game after the Jets give the Ravens a defensive touchdown (scored by Ed Reed) but in the 4th quarter the Jets finally show some offense as Jets QB Mark Sanchez rallies the Jets into overtime by tossing a late touchdown in the 4th quarter to LT who scrambles to tie the game and the Ravens never see the ball again. The Jets win the coin toss and kick a long field goal to clinch it fueling the critics of the NFL overtime rules.


New York over Minnesota
Last year's losers in the Conference Champions redeem themselves by making it to the Big Game. Favre tries to will the Vikings to win but a rare Adrian Peterson fumble (he doesn't fumble this year during the regular season) seals the deal. CB Darrell Revis strips the ball and LB David Harris returns it for a Jets touchdown smashing the hopes of Viking fans everywhere. The Jets end a 41 year old drought and the Vikings lose their 5th Superbowl.

Now to sit back and let the season play out. I will do an after-season blog to laugh at myself and my picks. It was easy to pick the Jets since I am a Jets fan but I do see them winning it all. They have the best defense in the league and will be like the 2000 Baltimore Raven squad and win through their defense. The Jets also have a great running game that will keep opposing offenses off the field. And that is how they will win it all.

Also look for my picks for Sunday and Monday games soon.


  1. What about the Bills?! Ha ha ha ha!

  2. My brother + football = giddy!