Sep 21, 2010

The Spider

Day 325 (Wow! That means I only have 40 more blogs to write to complete the year!)

Yesterday we had our second Aragog sighting.

For those that don't know, Aragog was the large spider character from the Harry Potter books and it seems like his American descendants live here right outside my home. Typically we get about 5-10 of these large visitors but this year we have been very fortunate to have only had two. I blame the large snake that stalks our house.*

We were coming home from going shopping and I was opening the door with my key when suddenly Kristy uttered this fearful noise. She claimed it was not a scream, and it wasn't one exactly but it was still some sort of yell. I knew right away that it was some sort of insect. Either a large spider or something that will sting me. So I turned away from the door ducking my head and proceeded to run over my son.

I can handle any type of bug or vermin. Snakes? No prob. Wasps? No prob. Mice? No prob. Spiders? HUGE problem.

On the top of our door was an Aragog. I remember that I had left the back door opened so Logan and I retreated there. Kristy grabbed a stick and knocked him off the door and then she bravely stabbed it and retreated danced away.

She didn't see that the spider jumped up after she poked it and it ran right in the crevasse of the door. Logan came out with the bug spray and I doused it. So far we have not recovered his body. That is because we are too afraid to look.

*True story. We have a snake that lives around our home.


  1. First, that is a BIG snake if it lives AROUND your home. Yikes! :)

    Second, call them what you want but ALL spiders are scary to me. I have personally killed at least two black widows in our window wells (old home and current home). I have found that the most unusual things work best for their removal. Case in point ... these last two were killed using a small propane torch (the kind you do plumbing work with) and burning the life out of them. Literally.

    The smell is awful but the results are great. All spiders in the vicinity that witness the horrific murder tell their friends and we usually remain spider-free for many generations.

    Great post!

  2. OK, terrible picture of me. I look bad when I am scared. But, my scaredy dance was awesome.

  3. Spiders are the worst!

  4. That was a big mother of a spider there!! Aragog indeed!! More like Aragog's big brother!! I am impressed that snakes don't bother you, as I am totally freaked out by them; but spiders don't bother me so much, so I guess that evens things out!

  5. Oh geez! Thanks, I have been trying to convince myself we do not have those types of spiders in Logan...