Sep 30, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 3 Fallout - Week 4 Picks

Day 334

You know it takes forever for the new NFL season to arrive and suddenly it is gone. Can you believe that Week 4 is this week? Bye weeks have already started and we are a quarter of the way through the season?

And as usual, Week 3 was entertaining. Lots of good games and a few surprises.

Rising: New York Jets. I didn't know if the Jets could recover from its opening day egg but after quality wins against rival AFC East teams New England and Miami, the Jets are back where they should be. QB Mark Sanchez has surprised me with his decisions and the offense is looking really good. I cannot wait for WR Santonio Holmes to get involved. The Jets only won 2 AFC East games all of last year and already they have won two.

Falling: Washington Redskins. It seems like it was forever when the Redskins won. A two-game losing skid normally shouldn't be too problematic but losing against the St. Louis Rams is. Hopefully for the Redskins this does not become a trend.

Rising: Chicago Bears. I sure didn't think that the Bears would be the last NFC team to be undefeated. I still am not convinced that the Bears are a great team but after big wins over Green Bay and Dallas you certainly cannot look past this team.

Falling: San Diego Chargers. I cannot figure out this team. The only thing I know is that when they win, they win big. And when the lose, they lose barely but to teams they really shouldn't be losing to. Charger fans shouldn't worry, the Chargers do this every year.

Last week I scored 10/16 so I did finally manage to get into double figures. There are two less games this week so I really need to bring my A game (and stop trying to will the Raiders to win) and make some good picks.

San Francisco at Atlanta:
I am off the 49er bandwagon. This is a team in real trouble. They are not out of the race in the NFC West even with a loss. I am more worried that the chips will really begin to fall.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Cincinnati at Cleveland:
The Browns are competitive and the Bengals really need to concentrate on this game and not look past the pesky Browns. The Bengals defense will come up big.
Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

NY Jets at Buffalo:
I am recalling those horrible, horrible games the Jets had against the Bills last season. This is another game that looks like a blowout on paper. The Bills will fight but the Jets will pull out a scared winner. It will be closer than you (and the Jets) think.
Winner: New York Jets

Seattle at St. Louis:
I figured both of these teams would be awful but they certainly are fighters. The Rams got a good win last week and Seattle is in 1st place in the NFC West. This can either be a fantastic game or a very sloppy one. I think Seattle has a little more experience and talent.
Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Denver at Tennessee:
The Titans looked really good last week and while the Broncos have fight in them they just couldn't contain the passing game, they should have an easier time containing Vince Young. But perhaps you have heard of this running back that plays for the Titans.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Detroit at Green Bay:
Normally I don't like to take the loser of last week's Monday Night game. But the Packers are at home and they are facing the Lions. Nothing like a little scrimmage to put things back into place.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Baltimore at Pittsburgh:
The Steelers have been very impressive but this time they face a mean defense and I am not sure that Batch or whoever is quarterbacking for the Steelers can handle it. The Ravens also look impressive throwing the ball, especially to Anquan Boldin. This will be a slugfest.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens
Carolina at New Orleans:
Carolina has been awful and the Saints look a little weaker than normal. It will still be a blowout but not a huge one.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Indianapolis at Jacksonville:
The Jags look helpless and the Colts monster passing game will make matters worse for the Jags. Jones-Drew really needs to get back to his usual performance for the Jags to have a chance.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Houston at Oakland:
Houston got hit hard by reality last week and it is a good thing that the Raiders are up next. They will be tough at home but Houston has way more talent.
Winner: Houston Texans

Washington at Philadelphia:
McNabb is going home with a two-game losing streak. Philly suddenly looks really good with Vick leading the Eagles. The Eagles have more momentum but can that match McNabb's passion for beating his old team?
Winner: The answer is no. You can't go home again. Philadelphia Eagles

Arizona at San Diego:
It all depends if we get the Chargers of Week 2 or the Chargers of Week 1 and 3. It is early in the season so the Chargers should lose right?
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Chicago at NY Giants:
The Giants have looked utterly lost these last two weeks and are in some big trouble. The Bears look fantastic. This really could swing either way.
Winner: Chicago Bears

Monday Night
New England at Miami:
I will be at the concert Monday night and I am glad that my two "favorite" teams are playing so I won't miss much. Actually this will be a good game and I am interested to see how these two match up with each other. Either team can win this but my gut is picking the Dolphins.
Winner: Miami Dolphins

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