Sep 7, 2010

Post Labor Day

Day 311

I thought Labor Day was supposed to be a day off?

Yesterday morning I received a call from a guy in our neighborhood who asked if I would help another guy move some stuff. I respect both of them and said I would be happy to help and I am glad I did. The man moving back into our ward was someone that I looked up to and it was great to see him again and help him out. He didn't have that much stuff (which was great considering the Summer of '10 will go down as one of the worst moving seasons ever!) and we were done is just an hour or so.

But my work was not done yet. I came home and ate a quick breakfast before heading out into our garden to harvest some carrots. Good golly Miss Molly we got a ton load of carrots! It took an hour just to get all of them out, then we had to scrub/wash them and then we needed to peel them so we could can them.

Logan and I took our chairs outside in our backyard. We left the backdoor open so we could hear some tunes and we sat in the warm sun and peeled carrots for another hour or so. It was fun listening to him chat away but what really got me was when a song would come on that he would recognize. He would turn to me and say "I love this song!" There are a couple of Alice Cooper tunes that he really likes. But what really made me smile was when some new music needed to be chosen. We couldn't decide so Kristy went to the computer to choose something, I yelled to just put on some Queen (which Logan agreed on) and when the music hit Logan turned to me and said, "Mom must not have heard us. That is not Queen." He knows his stuff!

After we were done we treated ourselves to some ice cream and watched the first half of The Sandlot.

One carrot down, another billion to go!

Logan's hat is awesome. I had one just like it! That is a five gallon barrel of carrots! And that was not all of them.

Our carrots this year were huge!

We bottled half of the carrots. Looking forward to Thanksgiving already!


  1. You are becoming an expert canner. I think you might be able to go it alone next year. :)

  2. Still wonder why they call it "canning" when the stuff goes in glass jars. Props to your boy for knowing his Queen and AC. I love helping people move ... it always feels good to be done and it is a sneaky way to trick my body into some exercise. :)