Sep 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Day 310

Can you really wish someone a Happy Labor Day?

Aren't you really asking someone to smile and be happy while they work and sweat?

Well today is a little special. Not only is it Labor Day (I am sure I can make a ton of jokes about Aunt Julie being in labor) but it is also my fellow blogger and cousin Jaimee's birthday!

Sadly, Jaimee is a girl and growing up I wanted to play with the boy cousins and I had Jeremy and Josh to play with instead. (Jordan coming into the scene a bit later) But what was great (and still is great about Jamiee) is that being a girl didn't matter. She played just as hard as the rest of us. She was no different at all, she was one of us.

Unfortunately I don't have any embarrassing pictures of her to use.

I remember one occasion when it was just Jaimee and I. Aunt Julie came out to Utah with just Jaimee and my mom and Julie went down to Salt Lake to go shopping leaving Jaimee and I by ourselves. Now you would think that we had a boring time but that was not the case (no pun intended). I remember having a blast with her (at least I had fun, hmmmm, wonder what she thought). We walked down to Jed's (the local burger bar) and ate some lunch and then came home and we watched MTV and sang along with the artists. We watched some movies and played games. It was nice spending some time with just her and getting to know her. Now with her blog, it has been awesome to get to know her even more and getting to know her sweet family.


Thanks for being a good example and a great cousin. One day we will have to run a 5K together.


  1. Yeah. That picture is really more embarrassing for me.

  2. I am so relieved you don't have any embarrassing pictures of me!! Thanks for the awesome post! I totally remember that time we hung out- so fun! :) Love you guys!