Sep 10, 2010

Thursday Night Foodball!

Day 314

Ah... last night was bliss.

I love the start of the NFL football season. I enjoy the sport, I can watch any team play and last night we were treated to a rematch of last season's NFC Championship. There are many reasons why I love football. Obviously I like watching the chess match, I like to watch the defensive side of the ball more than I do offense. I also like the company I keep while watching a ballgame. I am surrounded by family (Logan sat right next to me to watch the game) and my mom usually comes over to watch. I also like knowing that cooler weather is on its way.

And the food... how could I forget the food?

Last night we had a Burger Bar. We had three sets of small mini-burgers. We crushed up these really yummy Buffalo Wing Pretzels and mashed them in with the hamburger. We also had ones that had crushed up potato chips and onion dip mixed in and then we had a plain set of burgers. We put them on dinner rolls and we had a variety of cheeses and condiments and we also sauteed some mushrooms so we could have mushroom Swiss burgers. Kristy also made some potato wedges for a side. We had a ton of food and we have a ton of leftovers! For desert we had mini Fatboys and Snicker ice cream bars.

Logan was just as excited as I was!


Like father like son.

A good time was had by all. And I got my first prediction right. The Saints beat the Vikings.

Speaking of predictions, here are my thoughts and predictions for the remaining games of Week 1.

Denver at Jacksonville:
I don't think the Broncos will be able to contain Pocket Hercules and he will run over the Broncos defense. The Jaguars open the season with a win but they will have to earn it, it will not be easy.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Miami at Buffalo:
The Dolphins will have to be careful with the Bills, they will be a better team than they expect. The Bills are at home and they usually start the season with a win. The Dolphins will try to catch up but they will have to wait until the next meet up in Miami to get a win.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Detroit at Chicago:
The Bears will be in the same situation as the Dolphins this week only they get the win.
Winner: Chicago Bears

Indianapolis at Houston:
Is it possible that the Colts start the season with a loss? It is possible especially at Houston but unlikely.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Atlanta at Pittsburgh:
The Falcons will sneak a win out of Pittsburgh especially with Big Ben out of the lineup. I could have made a crass Big Ben joke here but I won't.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Oakland at Tennessee:
The Raiders will give the Titans some fight but Tennessee will use Chris Johnson to finish them off.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Cleveland at Tampa Bay:
Both teams should have a lot of fight in them but the home team gets it in a dogfight. (Get it? Browns? Dogfight?)
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carolina at New York Giants:
The Giants open up their new stadium with a huge win. But then the Giants always know how to start a season.
Winner: New York Giants

Cincinnati at New England:
Very tempted to choose the Bengals in an upset. But since it is at New England, I am sure Tom Brady will do the usual thing and score touchdowns with minutes to spare at halftime and at the end of the game to just put the game out of reach for the Bengals.
Winner: New England Patriots

San Francisco at Seattle:
New head coach Pete Carroll must love having the 12th man since he loves the college game. His return to the NFL will be more swearing than cheering.
Winner: San Francisco 49ers

Green Bay at Philadelphia:
We'll see how the Eagles look without McNabb, it won't be pretty this week for sure. It wouldn't surprise me if Eagle fans demanded that McNabb return somehow.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Arizona at St. Louis:
I do think that the Rams have a chance to win some games this season. This will be probably one of their best chances. Sam Bradford gets his first win as an NFL player.
Winner: St. Louis Rams

Dallas at Washington:
Oooo... looking forward to this game. Classic cowboys and indians. The Redskins are at home and will win just barely putting more pressure (if that is possible) on the Cowboys.
Winner: Washington Redskins

Baltimore at New York Jets:
HBO and NFL Films should mic this game up. I would love to hear all the chatter. Baltimore gives the Jets problems and the Jets defense bails them out in a close ugly game with lots and lots of hitting.
Winner: New York Jets

San Diego at Kansas City:
This is a hard game to call. I think the Chargers have better talent but the Chiefs are much better this year. The Chargers typically start the season with a bunch of losses and so I am thinking that trend continues.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs


  1. I'll take one of each (burgers) and three of each (dessert).

    Surprisingly I agree with virtually all of your picks ... so we must both be very wrong! :)

  2. Loved the pictures from your night of "foodball"! Even though I know zilch about football I think you made some very wise predictions for the upcoming games! Good luck to you!

  3. Yum! Why don't we live closer?!