Jul 8, 2010

From the Soap Box: Terrible Tuesdays

Day 250

Most people hate Mondays with a passion. I don't mind Mondays at all. I usually am pretty productive on Mondays. I am a little more refreshed from the weekend and the time usually goes by quickly.

And then Tuesday comes...
Ugh, Tuesday. My most hated day of the week. I have never liked Tuesdays at all. In the Greek world, Tuesday (the day of the week of the Fall of Constantinople) is considered an unlucky day.

No kidding.

Tuesdays are horrible, horrible days. Tuesdays to me are what Mondays are to most people. It is the day that goes by the longest, it is the days that insane people come out of the woodwork. It is the worst day of the week!
In both school and work days, Tuesdays dragged and dragged and dragged. Rarely would you have a Tuesday day off. It seems like you would rarely have Tuesdays off on a holiday.

Tuesdays officially became my most hated day while serving my LDS mission to New York. As soon as my plane landed in Queens, Tuesdays began to mock and spite me. If you look through my journal you will find that most of my Tuesdays became Jukedays. Jukes are when you would set up appointments to see people and you go over and they don't show up. My Tuesdays in the mission field were filled with Jukedays. The worst Tuesdays was when we dropped people or when they would drop us. What that means is you would have a nice relationship going with some people and suddenly, for no apparent reason, they were not your friends anymore and wanted nothing to do with you.

When I got home from my mission I was hoping that Tuesdays would just go away. The drops and jukes certainly did but they were replaced by idiots. In all my jobs since, Tuesdays were known for the days when I would have to deal with all the idiots of the world. All my arch-enemies would somehow get in touch with me to ruin my days. These Schmidthead's never called my on other days. They waited until a Tuesday would come and then ruin the rest of my day. You remember me blogging about that stupid trucker guy? The one that kept poking me until I about snapped his finger? I was working for Action trucks and we only worked those trucks one day a week. Can you guess what day that was? Yup. A stupid Tuesday.

Just so you know, I usually don't answer the phone on Tuesdays. Call me superstitious if you want. I don't have to worry about the burden of proof. I have years of it. Now you know why I hide under a rock and never answer the phone on a Tuesday. 

Ugh... Tuesday is right behind the corner.


  1. I loved this post! Loved the clever title (a nice play on the "terrible two's" and your case against Tuesday. Yeah, they really are terrible. Here's another mark against Tuesday: Elections! Tuesday is truly the "wurst day ever!"

  2. I would never have known this about you... and I can't say I blame you. I don't like Tuesday either. You don't have the euphoria of the weekend still spilling into your day (like Monday) and it's SO MANY DAYS until the next weekend. :( Hang in there!

  3. I too, like Mondays. Thanks for pointing out that Tuesday is the real Monday. I don't think I will answer my phone either! Hmph..